Whether it’s a smoking cocktail or a green juice, you’ve probably indulged in a trendy beverage at least once in your life… even if it did cost as much as your dinner. Some we hope to never have to taste again, but others quickly make their way onto our weekly grocery list. If you’ve fallen behind on your liquid tasting game, here are five drink trends to give a try + (most importantly) why.

1. Cold Pressed Juice: Cold pressed juices contain more vitamins and minerals than traditional juice produced by heating fruits and vegetables. Jamba Juice is leading the way in making cold-pressed juice mainstream by selling the juice in-store and in 12 oz. to-go bottles, each containing three servings of fruits and/or vegetables. (via Restaurant News)

2. Energy Water: A new trend emerging is one that combines the hydrating qualities of water with the boost of an energy drink. At only 30 calories per bottle, Hydrive Energy Water maintains the light, refreshing taste of a vitamin-enhanced water while providing a burst of energy. Hydrive Energy Water comes in a variety of nutrient-enhanced flavors, which have added benefits such as Focus, Extra Power, and Immunity.

3. Kombucha: By now you’ve likely tried this magical elixir. Kombucha tea is a fermented drink made with tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast. The unique tea claims to stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer, aid digestion and improve liver function. GT’s was one of the first to mass produce it, and they’re still one of our favorites.

4. Probiotic Drinks: Probiotics are organisms such as bacteria and yeast, commonly found in foods like yogurt, that are known to improve health and bodily functions. KeVita provides an ample supply of probiotics to support immune and digestive health in a tasty, on-the-go probiotic drink.

5. Cold-brewed Coffee: Cold-brewed coffee maximizes the health benefits of coffee beans and, on average, is 67% less acidic than the traditional hot-brewed method, making it perfect for those who experience heartburn. Coffee lovers can enjoy cold-brewed coffee at home with the Cold Bruer or pick up Stumptown Coffee’s bottled cold brew in select Whole Foods.

Are any of these your go-to beverages? If so, which brand and/or flavor is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!