Not gonna sugarcoat it — traditional Valentine’s Day gifts sometimes make us want to hurl. C’mon, talking teddy bears (for adults?!)… and we’d need a whole lot more screen space to discuss the fact that no woman should ever be subjected to schmaltzy heart jewelry. If you and your significant other are more into hiking than scarfing down stale chocolates, finding the right V-Day gift can be even harder, so we’re bringing you 11 great gifts for the health nut you heart.

1. Keep Running Medals Rack ($49): If you’re dating a marathoner, we feel for you — all those weekends spent waking up at the crack of dawn, carting yourself (and all your motivational signage) to the route, and woo-ing for your running fool until you’re hoarse. This cheeky dinosaur medals rack is great for hanging race hardware as well as miscellaneous running gear like headphones and headbands. And maybe your significant other will love it so much that their gift to you will be a Saturday sleeping in.

2. Just Dance 2014 ($43): This is exactly what your living room needs while polar vortices are keeping you and your S.O. from the gym. You will laugh, you’ll sing along to Katy Perry songs, and you will sweat profusely. You can buy it for pretty much any game system, so you’ve got no excuses.

3. Fitbit Flex ($100): The Fitbit is the hot-to-trot gadget right now. If you don’t know, now you know.

4. Cool Runnings Inspired Bobsled Speed Suit ($40): For the skiers (or amateur bobsledders) out there, this speed suit is so versatile. It’ll be a big hit at all the winter Olympics theme parties you have on the calendar. Bonus: How sexy/hilarious will your boyfriend look in it?

5. Oster Smoothie Blender with Sport Bottle ($26): Sporty blender is so sporty! This smoothie machine comes with its own bottle, so you can mix up your morning protein shake without all the mess. And without that mess, you can finally stop fighting over who left dishes in the sink.

6. Kombucha Hombrew Kit ($45): One of the most talked about health trends right now, probiotics are the new black. This kit sets you up with everything you need to nurture drinkable organisms together — very, very romantic.

7. Paleo Treats Build-a-Box (varies): Want to give your sweetie a box of chocolates that won’t wreck your perfectly primal diets? Paleo Treats are gluten-free, paleo (obviously), and super delicious. Try the Brownie Bomb, the goji berry-laced Cacao Now, or the almond butter Bandito cup if you know what’s good for you.

8. Yogitoes Towel ($69): Hot yoga gets, well, hot. If your babe is into Bikram, they will love a grippy Yogitoes towel to keep balanced on the mat. They come in all kinds of pretty colors, including very Valentine’s-y pinks and reds.

9. Mad Scientist Tea Sampler ($24): Throw a tea party for two! Adagio’s sampler set comes with all sorts of teas to build your own personal anti-oxidant-rich blends.

10. Big Agnes Big Creek Double Sleeping Bag ($240): True fact: nothing is more romantic than freezing your buns off while winter camping.

11. Ice Pop Molds ($11): So yeah, popsicles might not sound that fantastic in the middle of winter, but think of all the tasty, refreshing, fresh-fruit ice pops you two can make all summer with these cute silicone molds. Or turn up the heat, throw on some summertime jams, and have a romantic indoor Valentine’s Day picnic with your radiators. And hey, it’s an excuse to finally try the juicer you got for Christmas.

How are you loving the health nut in your life? Let us know in the comments below!