We’ve been all about Fab‘s poppy, colorful, stylish housewares and fashion for years. And now, founder Jason Goldberg has created Hem, a furniture brand that has us swooning over its modern aesthetic. Hem furniture is meant to be assembled and taken apart by you, similar to IKEA furniture. The designs are simply perfection. You can even personalize your furniture at checkout. Hem’s aesthetic channels Swedish and Scandinavian design, and… actually, why don’t we stop talking about it and just show you?

1. Bias Shelving (set of 4, $249): Hang them or stack them — these crate-inspired shelves are begging to show off your most prized possessions.

2. Vinkel Mirror ($99): This round mirror offers something a little out of the ordinary with its funky perspectives.

3. Storm Pillow ($69): You can actually feel the patterns in these pillows because they were made using a 3D knitting technique. Wait a sec… 3D knitting? Hold the phone.

4. Key Side Table ($175): There’s no way around it — this side table is sexy. No blocky legs, just a tripod of class.

5. Pianissimo Lamp Cork Light ($549): Finally, cork gets the limelight it deserves. Our DIY hearts are all a-flutter at the sleek elegance of this pendant lamp.

6. Pocket Armchair ($899): We can think of five places for this chair right now. If you’re looking for something that perfectly balances masculine and feminine, look no further.

7. Minimal Vase ($25): This is basically a plant stand, and we’re loving it. Who needs fancy vases when you’ve got pretty plants?

8. Hai Chair Razzle Dazzle ($999): This chair is like an Eames lounge chair and an office chair had a baby that’s perfect for your reading nook.

9. Verso Shelf ($349): The ladder shelf just got updated. This is a gorgeous storage solution or an ideal way to display. It ships in two parts that just click together.

10. Brick Poufs ($129+): Seriously, who doesn’t love a good pouf? These are so geometric and sturdy-looking that they can bring structure and comfort to your digs.

Hem is priced somewhere between IKEA and high-end boutiques. If your’e in Berlin, you can check out Hem’s brick and mortar showroom to see what your furniture could look like in action. They expect to open more showrooms in Germany, France, the UK and the US.

Check out all of Hem’s goodies and let us know your favorite pieces in the comments!

(h/t Fast Company)