If 2014 was the year of the flash tattoo, we predict that 2015 will bring us another temporary tattoo trend: henna. Traditionally used to decorate South Asian brides‘ hands, the art of henna is coming back in a big way, and even celebrities are starting to jump on the bandwagon. The patterns are as intricate as ever, but have evolved into more modern designs. We’re SO glad this beauty trend is no longer reserved for brides. Follow these 12 henna artists on Instagram for inspiration or just to look at some seriously beautiful designs.


1. @hennalounge: There are so many things to love here: the bright nails, the toe rings and anklets, the colorful cushions and of course, the floral sunburst henna pattern.


2. @mehndidesigner: A traditional bride shows off her henna, or “mehndi.” Sometimes traditional is the way to go.


3. @brooklynhennaco: Who needs accessories when you can adorn your hands with henna bracelets, cuffs and rings? These designs are so amazing, we wish someone would design jewelry based on it.


4. @hennabyang: This is a whole new way to have an #armparty. This artist keeps things fun and vibrant by using colorful, glittery henna, which makes the photos even more fun to look at.


5. @ritualbydesign: We’re huge fans of this Insta artist. She’s all about adorning bodies with henna, including ladies rockin’ a bun in the oven.


6. @beyondhenna: At first glance, this looks like a basic arm tattoo, but the intricate details are what really make it a work of art.

maplemehdni (2)

7. @maplemehndi: Not only do we love the adjoining hearts, but this is also a totally unique way of henna-ing by creating patterns using reverse negative space.


8. @hennabydivya: Tribal patterns aren’t just for the music festival scene. This geometric henna design proves that anyone can rock this look all day, everyday.


9. @sarashenna: While this is actually just white body paint applied to look like henna, we love it all the same. A perfect marriage between East and West, this white-gloved look would be gorgeous on a bride of any culture.


10. @mehndiadiktt: This simple design is jazzed up with glittery pink accents and a sparkly rhinestone. This artist is based in London, but that shouldn’t stop you from browsing through her lovely designs.


11. @gloryofhenna: This artist is definitely one to watch. LA-based Deepali is already a celeb favorite, working with stars like Pretty Little Liars‘ Shay Mitchell. Follow her for more famous faces and some uber-cool henna.

hennabynatasha (2)

12. @hennabynatasha: Draw even more emphasis to your back when wearing a backless dress or bathing suit with a striking henna tattoo like this one.

Are you following any fabulous henna artists that we should know about? Tell us below.