We鈥檙e always on the lookout for a noteworthy trend or two 鈥 you know, the kind that makes us say WTF and then text to our friend with the hashtag #wantneedwantneed. Well, let鈥檚 just say that it doesn鈥檛 get any more rad than Flash Tattoos. You have probably seen these jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos in the festival style lookbooks on celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio. Think of it as awesome body art without any major commitment (they typically last four to six days).

With the help of a wet cloth (and maybe even a friend), flash tattoos are super easy to apply. Once your skin is dry and free of any oils, simply cut around the tattoo, peel and stick. After holding a wet cloth against your tat for 30 seconds, wait about 10 minutes for it to completely set. The tattoos are sold as collections and for $30 or less, it鈥檚 no wonder that they have taken the music festival scene by storm.

Here are our eight favorite tats that will surely a-peel to you!

1. Zahara ($22): If you鈥檙e partial to your morning yoga routine and love your kale juice, then this set of uplifting tattoos will send nothing but good vibes.

2. Dakota ($22): Don鈥檛 just stop at a woven aztec headband, adorn your forehead with some standout metallic triangles. Peace out!

3. Wild Child ($30): These flash tats are speaking to us! Rest assured that you don鈥檛 have to be a boho gal to bring out your inner Egyptian goddess.

4. Sophia ($22): So many tats, so little time. Forget picking just one, we鈥檒l take them all!

5. Nikki ($22): Heading to a raging rock concert? These black and gold wrist tattoos will edge up your look for the night.

6. Lena ($22): Didn鈥檛 think that metallic tats could be in tune with your 鈥渓ess is more鈥 aesthetic? We鈥檙e just as surprised as you, but this gold and silver tattoo in the shape of an arrow is everything.

7. Goldfish Kiss H20 ($25): Whatever did we do before flash tattoos?! Don鈥檛 head to the beach without trying on some rad (temporary) artwork in the form of a pineapple or fish scales.

8. Sheebani ($25): We鈥檙e getting a little bridal with this last one, and we are saying YES to that flash tat.

What do you think of flash tattoos? Will you be sporting one during these last weeks of summer? Leave a comment below!