Long gone are the simple work days of typewriters and switchboards. Now there is an endless lists of tools to help you be productive around the office. Whether you’re in need of a hot cup of coffee or a seriously smart writing utensil, we’ve got your back with these 20 techie gadgets.

1. iPad Scanner ($150): Skip the line at the scanner. Pop this portable scanner right into your iPad for painless digitalization.

2. Military Grad USB Drive ($24): If you have some nosey cubicle neighbors, keep your files secret with this password protected USB.

3. Portable Virus Eliminating Air Purifier ($150): Fighting off cold and flu season is a breeze with this gadget.

4. Insta-Sky Office Diffuser ($30): Florescent lighting looks good on no one. Change that bland illumination into a fancy faux sky light.

5. Panasonic Electronic Whiteboard ($1950): No need to copy down all those notes written on the white board after meetings. This smart board has a printer attached that will print out a copy of whatever is written on the board.

6. Pen Scanner ($100): If the iPad scanner still isn’t portable enough for you, how about this secret agent style scanning pen?

7. Bose Wireless Speakers ($250): For those days where you just don’t want to talk to anyone, pop these on and wear them all over the office.

8. Melon Headband ($149): This handy device measures your brain activity during your daily routine and gives you a snapshot of how focused you are during different tasks. It then shares that information with you through a visually pleasing app.

9. Dual Travel Heated Mug ($13): A fresh cup of joe is a must for those late night turned early mornings. Plug this baby into your computer and keep it warm all day long.

10. Mr. Robot USB Port ($15): Plug a USB or SD Card into this shiny guy and watch his eyes light up as he sends information to your computer. When he’s not plugged in, wind him up and watch him stomp around your desk.

11. Epic Laser Keyboard ($149): This handy gadget projects a fixed keyboard pattern onto any flat, opaque surface. Use this gadget to quickly jot down notes at meetings or get typing on your commute.

12. Canon Calculator Mouse ($28): Crunching numbers just got a whole lot more fun.

13. Mophie Power Reserve ($50): Never be without that precious iPhone again. Attach this compact battery to your keyring for a quick on-the-go charge.

14. Sky Wifi Smart Pen ($120): Toss that old BIC aside. This smart pen records audio while you write. Tap on a note and the audio recorded at the time will play back.

15. USB Typewriter ($599): If all this tech is getting too futuristic for you, take it (sort of) old school with this typewriter that works with your computer or iPad.

16. Pebble Smart Watch ($150): Think of this as a kind of ultimate pager for the 21st century. View incoming calls, check email, calendar alerts, social media, weather and a whole lot more. Oh ya, it also tells time.

17. Rode iXY Recording Microphone for iPhone and iPad ($130): Record lectures and interviews with ease using this handy, high-quality microphone.

18. Skylock Bike Lock ($159): If you’re a two-wheeling commuter, keep your ride safe with this smart bike lock that offers keyless entry, alerts you of potential theft, allows you to share your ride with friends and calls for help if you get in an accident.

19. LaCie Petite Key 16GB USB Flash Drive ($15): Never lose your flash drive again! (image via CNET)

20. AAXA P4-X Pico Projector ($288): Those weekly meetings just got a whole lot more fun. Hook this handy projector up to your phone, iPad or computer for a professional presentation anywhere.

Which one of these do you want for your desk? We want to know!