Getting divorced is never pleasant, but a few optimistic divorcées are making the most out of their sticky situation and celebrating their recent singledom in the most delicious way possible. Ever since Khloé Kardashian celebrated officially dropping Lamar Odom’s last name after her divorce with a sheet cake of her new driver’s license (her home address was conveniently listed as 13 Freedom Lane), people have been obsessed with revealing their freshly divorced status with fabulously themed cakes. Here are nine of the best divorce cakes we’ve found on Instagram — congrats to all the newly single ladies!

1. The Movie Reference: What would Han Solo do if he knew you were going through a trying divorce? Oh, you know, get you a hilarious galactic-themed divorce cake. Also, heads up Adam Driver — this divorcée is single again!

2. Honoring the Beyhive: Is there any occasion where Beyoncé isn’t appropriate? Yeah, we didn’t think so. This recent divorcée decided to make lemonade out of lemons with this Bey-utiful divorce cake.

3. The Homemade “Masterpiece”: Just because you can’t afford to purchase an elaborately themed divorce cake doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate closing this chapter of your life. Buy yourself a cake mix and whip together a perfectly simple cake to revel in being single again.

4. The Mended Heart: You bravely said “I do” — now you’re bravely saying “I’m done.” This sweet cake is a beautiful reminder to love yourself every single day, no matter if you’re leaning on a partner or figuring life out solo.

5. Accidental Squishing: Umm, does anyone see the groom? This lovely lady is making sure this new chapter of life is all about her — starting by munching on her favorite flavor of cake.

6. Straight Outta Marriage: Y’all don’t even want to know what’s hiding in this woman’s succulent garden! This sweet divorce cake is the perfect baking cocktail: part hilarious, part empowering, and part gosh darn delicious.

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‘tis the season🍾 #careerhigh #divorcecake

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7. Tossing Out the Past: If there’s anything we’ve learned from following the KonMari method of tidying up, it’s that you have to allow yourself to get rid of anything that no longer brings you joy. This stunning cake from Caked Up Cafe is making us scream hasta la vista, wedding dress!

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Ayyyy! ☺ #divorcecake #happydivorce #justdivorced

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8. Telling It Like It Is: Speaking of purging our closets, we’re totally getting rid of our former partner’s cheesy shirts. This lovely gal is celebrating her divorce day with a not-so-subtle reminder that her solo adventure is just starting.

9. Kicking and Screaming: Parting ways is always difficult, but this recent divorcée found a way to make fun of this trying time with a hilarious cake about taking out the, er, “trash.”

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