The holidays approaching means curling up with a glass at the end of each day is strongly encouraged. If a cork being popped is music to your ears, you’re a classified wine lover. And if not… well, we’ve all got that one friend who can’t have enough of the stuff, so gift them one of these awesome ideas the next time they host. From cute, wine-inspired accessories to gorgeous home decor, this list’s got it all for the wine enthusiast. Here are 25 holiday hostess gift ideas for everyone who prefers wine over coffee.

1. DIY Wood-Burnt Serving Board: Show off those mad DIY skills and create a customized wood-burnt board for your host/hostess friend. (via Brit + Co)

2. Wine Lives Drinks Markers Set ($12): Got stems? These colorful cat markers are pretty much the cutest wine accessories you can get.

3. Bottle Bracket Game Board ($30): From some of our favorite West Coast girlbosses behind interactive wine club Bottle Bracket, you can now pick up the signature playing board to turn your friend’s next tasting night into a (really fun) game.

4. Gold Stemless Wine Glass ($20): For those who enjoy sipping wine while feelin’ extra fancy.

5. Bicycle Wine Rack ($34): Make your friend’s life easier with this innovative (yet necessary) wine carrier. Taking wine to go won’t be a problem anymore.

6. Wood Bark Coasters ($15, set of four): These mango wood coasters add a woodsy element to any home, and are perfect for the colder months. Plus, they’re made with a protective sealant to help them last through spills.

7. Copper Wine Opener ($25): If ever there was a trend to follow, it’s copper. This copper-plated corkscrew is perfect for that friend who’s looking to add a little warmth to their kitchen.

8. Large Glass Decanter ($35): Uncorking spirits has never been as fun as with this stylishly shaped decanter.

9. Mozzarella and Ricotta Kit ($25): This urban cheesecraft kit comes complete with gluten-dree, non-GMO vegetarian rennet tablets and citric acid. Hooray for healthy and happy!

10. Bottle Stoppers ($7, set of two): Though often thought as an obtrusive object between your friend and a desired drink, these lil’ suckers encourage many more visits to the bottle. Don’t worry, they’ll thank you.

11. Marble Wine Cooler ($25): This white marble column adds a touch of cool to any kitchen setting.

12. Geometry Coasters ($6, set of four): This colorful set is sure to catch guests’ eyes whenever they reach for their glass.

13. Gilded Cornet Wine Opener ($10): This elegantly gilded corkscrew will help your friend get to what they really want a little faster.

14. Wine Aerator ($18): Your friend won’t ever have to worry about preserving the flavor again with this dish-washer safe acrylic aerator.

15. Gold Mirrored Tray ($30): This reflective tabletop tray is the perfect combination of gold-plated metal and glass to create some added dimension to any setting.

16. Large Olive Wine Punts ($30, set of four): For the greenies, gift some grade-A punts (which are essentially glasses made from recycled wine bottles).

17. Hex Wine Rack ($68): “We have too much wine,” said no one ever. Stack ’em up in this sleek hexagonal wine rack.

18. Liquid Courage Wall Art ($5): Writer’s block? Wine. Rough day? Wine. Liquid courage? Easy. WINE.

19. Red Wine Face Mask ($4): Purify and refresh stressed-out skin with this infusion of red wine and rosemary extracts. The paraben-free face mask reduces enlarged pores and leaves skin bright and glowing.

20. A Glass of Wine iPhone Case ($35): Share a love of wine with friends whenever they catch a glimpse of this adorable phone case.

21. Unicorn Corkscrew ($17): For the quirky, this unicorn-shaped tool is sure to get a couple of laughs out of friends.

22. Wine Growler ($28): For an instantly cool Wine Wednesday.

23. Picnic Wine Tray ($26): Perfect for a picnic or a wine and dine in front of the TV, this wooden serving tray is the practical answer to all wine-worthy probs.

24. Wine Folly ($15): Geared toward the new generation of wine drinkers, this essential guide to wine will aid wine lovers on the path to becoming true connoisseurs.

25. Balancing Act Wine Bottle Holder ($25): This optical illusion will leave guests guessing how it works. (via Home Wet Bar)

Did we cover all the bases of wine-loving gifts? Let us know which item you’ll be gifting!