Planning a holiday party can require a lot of time and energy: ugly sweater prepping, cocktail shaking, cookie decorating… the list goes on. But as long as the guests are getting festive and having a blast, the little photogenic details are well worth it. Throw some props for your holiday photo booth in the mix and you’ve just turned your party into one giant photo shoot — say cheese!

christmas lights

1. Christmas Light Balloon Garland DIY: Who says a garland is strictly for decoration? Adorn you and your gal pals with this craftier version of your favorite candy-colored string lights. (via Studio DIY)


2. Christmas Headbands ($22): Help your guests get into Christmas character with these adorable head pieces. Pair ’em with some complementary props like red noses or elf ears to really take it up a notch.

string lights

3. LED Wire String Lights ($15): String these lights up around your besties or make an epic light-up crown to match that ugly sweater.

disco ball

4. Multi-Colored Disco Ball ($10): Disco balls aren’t just for NYE! These colorful little guys will go with whatever decor you’ve got going on at the party and will make for a killer photo prop.


5. Light Up Shades ($6): Light up the night with these fun + festive sunglasses. They’ll make the perfect addition to any Santa costume.

candy props 1

6. Paper Candy Prop DIY: Not that you’ll have any problem finding sugary treats around the holidays, but these props are Candyland material. (via Design Eat Repeat)


7. Christmas Beanie ($20): This one’s great for all the little elves out there. It’s so cute that you might even want to rock it all winter long.

holiday pinwheel

8. Meri Meri Giant Gold Pinwheels ($22): These giant pinwheels are great for props or a pop of metallic in the background. And bonus: You can totally reuse them for NYE.


9. Crepe Paper Swirlers DIY: Holiday poses aside, the movement shots are what photo booths are all about. And all of that time practicing with your Ribbon Dancer in junior high is about to pay off. (via Oh Happy Day)


10. Candy Cane Marquee ($15): Portable Christmas-themed marquee FTW. Pick up a few of these to use as photo booth props or backdrop decor.


11. Printable Props: Don’t have time to DIY or even buy your props this year? These printables are adorable, affordable and easy. Just be sure you have enough ink in the printer and you are all set. (via Brit + Co)


12. Adult Snowman Onesie ($50): There’s nothing like an over-the-clothes photo booth prop to really take it to the next level. Case in point? This awesome onesie that is seriously warming our hearts.

push pop confetti

13. All That Glitters Push Pop Confetti ($10): We all know that confetti is a must for any shindig, but these gold push pops were made for December.

party hat

14. Christmas Tree Party Hat DIY: These adorable hats are a quick accessory that anyone can throw on before the cameras start flashing. Glittery paper required. (via The Holiday Collective)

tassel wand

15. Studio Mucci Tassel Wand ($15): Create some metallic movement in your photos with these flashy little wands.

giant snowflake

16. Giant Paper Snowflake DIY: Put those paper snowflake-making skills to good use! (via The House Lars Built)

giant ornament balloons

17. Giant Ornament Balloons DIY: Simply blow up these ornaments before your guests arrive. They’re instant props that can be easily recreated if someone bursts your bubble (sorry, we had to). (via Studio DIY)

photo prop

18. Christmas Photo Prop Party Pack ($22): These little props can create some instant costumes that everyone can enjoy. And the best part is that they’re easily packable for next year’s bash.

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