We love the holidays. We love classic bauble ornaments in every color under the sun. We love stringing twinkly lights in our house, on our tree and even on our itty bitty apartment balconies. The only trouble? Where oh where do you put all those holiday goodies for the 11 other months in the year? We’ve teamed up with Target to answer that pressing question, with five essentials for smartly storing everything on your holiday decor list.

It’s all part of our Storage and Organization Series with Target — because the end of the year can definitely get a little crazy. In addition to a whole variety of organizational content here on Brit.co, we’ve partnered with four guest bloggers to ask them how they get things organized as well. Now, time to organize some ornaments, gift tags and string lights, oh my! ;)

As festive as all this stuff is, it can quickly turn into a big old mess after the holidays are over. So let’s tidy it up.

1. SterilitePlastic Bins for the Win: Stock up on plastic bins in every shape and size. Seriously. Head to the Target website or store and look for bins that are red or green so that you can color code them for the holidays.

2. Smart Ornament Storage: Ornaments are notorious for ending up broken, no matter how well you bubble wrap or pack them. Forget trying to figure out the perfect way to balance your ornaments with your lights — get a box that’s made for them!

This 3-in-1 holiday organizer makes putting ornaments away easy as pie, and you can even sneak a snow globe or two in there if you like!

3. Corral Your Gift Wrap: Keep all your gift wrap in one place, but make sure it’s organized. After all, those bows are not about to put themselves away.

We found a handy green gift wrap station at our local Target, but you can snag a similar red one on Target.com. First get all your rolls of gift wrap lined up. Then use the plastic bin (or cubbies in the case of the red one) to organize your gift toppers. Close up the box, zip up the bag and you’re good to go. There’s even an easy access pocket on the outside for keeping tape and scissors.

4. Lights Out: It’s February, and your Christmas lights are still hanging around. We get it — they’re so fun why take them down? Just do it, and you’ll be even more excited to put them back up next year.

Wrap each bundle of lights up using gold ribbon or twist ties. Then simply place in a plastic bin that suits the quantity of lights you’ve got. Still haven’t stocked up lights this year? Target’s got you covered ;)

5. Under-the-Bed Container for Everything Else: Reality check: Not everything fits in a bin or container designed just for it. So, you need a few big under-the-bed bins to organize all the other bits and bobs kicking around.

In our everything-else bin? Mini pine cones, photo props, garlands and the littlest Christmas tree around.

Now that you’ve got everything boxed and zipped up, it’s time to label it! We used gift tags (yep!) and created festive tags for each plastic bin.

We recommend storing holiday decor in your garage, basement or attic. You only need to access it once a year, after all. If the space you’re storing things in allows moisture in, be sure to only use the hard plastic bins and keep the fabric gift wrap station inside.

Okay, back to post-holiday shopping, un-decorating and movie-watching! :)

This post is a collaboration with Target.