The holiday season is officially upon us, and that means amping up your decorations. We’ve got some magical ideas that make the most of what is already your home’s most beautiful feature: the windows. So turn up the festive tunes, grab a mug o’ hot cocoa and let these images inspire you to make your windows prettier than ever.

1. Starry Windows: What’s the best way to add an extra-special twinkle to your windows this holiday season? Some mini gold stars ought to do the trick. Hunt down some window clings or DIY with a gold window paint marker. (via Fern Living)

2. Candles in Coffee Cups: This is a great excuse to try out all those fab DIY mugs you’ve had your eye on. (via Trendenser)

3. Candy Cane Garland: Are your windows looking a bit bah-humbug boring? All you need is candy canes and pinecones. Problem solved. (via Pink Pistachio)

4. Kissing Ball: Did somebody say “mistletoe?” You won’t have to worry about how to get that hottie under the mistletoe when it’s disguised in the form of a kissing ball. (via Houzz)

5. Scandinavian-Inspired Garlands: Some simple and modern bunting garlands transform your window into a Scandinavian-style Christmas wonderland. (via Petra Bindel)

6. Star Pendants: These IKEA star pendants create a stunning silhouette to add to your windows. If you’re more into DIY, try this version. (via MamaMekko)

7. Star Pendants: Yes, more star pendants! We just had to show you another shot so you could see how lovely these are by a window. Paper snowflakes would be a lovely substitute too. (via iPaper)

8. Wreaths: Ahh, the wreath-bedecked window. What’s not to love about this classic idea? Hung indoors or out, everyone gets to enjoy the wreath’s beauty. (via Est Magazine)

9. Pinecone Garland ($30): Get your garland on! This is literally the easiest DIY ever, but if you’re short on time, Etsy has a great selection of festive, ready-to-hang cone garlands.

10. Window Art: Use a liquid or chalk marker to turn that glass into a gorgeous piece of eye-catching holiday artwork. (via Selina Lake)

11. Tiny Wreaths: Why not host a wreath-decorating shindig for all your friends? It’s the perfect excuse to eat an insane number of Christmas cookies and get everyone involved in the window-trimming. (via Martha Stewart)

12. Dwarf Evergreens + Pillar Candles: For those of you who have a deep windowsill, consider an arrangement of pillar candles and a couple tiny evergreens for a pop of color. (via BHG)

13. Lantern: It doesn’t get much easier than this. Jazz up your windows with a lantern + some battery-operated candles and watch them glow. (via Tin K Home)

14. Tiny Tree: Here’s to all those rockin’ around the mini tree this year. Put it in the window for all the world to see. (via Dreamy Whites)

15. Evergreen in Window Boxes: Deck the halls — er, windows. Add charm to your home with greenery-filled window boxes and a festive red ribbon. (via My Luscious Life)

16. Trim a Tree Branch: If you’re into the rustic look, try this charming concept. Bring in a tree branch and deck it out with all manner of prisms and pinecones and whatever your little heart desires. (via 101 Woonideeen)

17. Pom Pom Wreath: Pom poms are irresistible, and this wreath is no exception. DIY a pom pom wreath in white and puff out the yarn to achieve that fluffy snowy look. (via Restyle Source)

18. Christmas Tree: You’ve put all that effort into picking out just the right tree, so why not show it off by placing it center stage in front of a window? This allows everyone (indoors and out) to marvel at your tree’s beauty. (via Mrs. N and Villa Reasonably)

19. Ribbons and Wreath Garlands: Add some color to your walls with some bright red ribbons and festive wreaths. (via BHG)

20. Candles in Bottles: It didn’t take too much convincing for us to realize that we need these candleholder bottles ASAP. (via Decor Dots)

What are your windows looking like this holiday season? Did one of these ideas inspire you to do something extra special this year?