Shopping for a Christmas tree can be just as stressful as finding a gift for the hardest person on your list to shop for. We all want that perfect tree, but let’s be honest, it’s no easy task to find the ideal one (just like a perfect partner, #amirite?!). But with help from ABC News and a team of veteran Christmas tree sellers, we have some seriously helpful tips for finding a ***flawless tree.

1. Size Matters: The pro tree hawkers say buying the wrong size tree is always the most common mistake. We totally get it, who doesn’t want the tallest, best decorated tree on the block?! Just like with any home decor additions, they recommend measuring the space you’re planning to place the tree — and your doorway — before heading out to cut it. Getting home feeling like you scored the best tree and then finding that it doesn’t work in your space (or that you can’t even get it through the door) leads to the ultimate side-eye moment for yourself.

2. Early Buyers Get the Best Trees: Although there is added responsibility in buying your tree early (trees are thirsty too), the pro Christmas tree sellers tell ABC that, “Early buyers are happy buyers.” We totally stand by this sentiment; we wouldn’t want to take home a dry, basically balding Christmas tree even if it *was* our only option. Bonus points for early buyers: The trees are fresher, meaning the sooner the tree is bought, the longer it will last for you to show it off (more holiday parties, duh!).

3. It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Christmas Tree: Didn’t know there was an ancient Christmas tree proverb? Neither did we, but according to the sellers, they live by the phrase, “A heavy tree is a healthy tree.” It’s important to get your biceps moving and pick up those trees when selecting because the heavier the tree, the more water it is retaining (don’t worry, trees don’t bloat).

4. Pets vs. Tree: Prevent the cat from climbing the tree and the dog from using it as a scenic spot to go number one by purchasing a tree with sharp needles. The Christmas tree merchants recommend a Blue Spruce for animal-friendly homes as they tend to have the sharpest needles of the Christmas tree pack. Trees with sharp needles will do the trick for small children also, once they poke their finger they’ll steer clear until Christmas morning.

5. Pour It Up: The tree vendors know there are plenty of ways to keep your holiday centerpiece hydrated. The most important though is to always keep the water above the bottom of the trunk. If H2O ever slips below that point, the tree will naturally form a seal and will not absorb any water resulting in a downward winter spiral. They also suggest spritzing the needles for easy hydration (just like you do with your air plants!) and giving the tree warm water on the first night at home to help defrost and allow for better absorption. The tree sellers also debunk the myth of adding aspirin or soda to the water to help it live longer — they say it doesn’t make the water turn into fountain of youth H2O.

6. Natural (Tree) Body Odor: Obviously we hate when we sweat. But if you’re looking for the best-smelling tree, look for one that’s gonna sweat. The most fragrant are the Balsam fir, originally from the frigid temps of Canada. As they are exposed to warmer temperatures, they naturally sweat (just like us when we come into the office from the cool outdoors).

7. No Evergreen Thumb? DIY Your Tree: All of this tree talk got our gears going to drop some B+C Xmas tree knowledge on you too. If you’re not into babysitting a living tree in your space (making sure it’s not parched is time consuming), pull a maker move and create this DIY paper tree for your wall. Or if you want to live in a Christmas tree forest for the next month, go big and pair your real tree with a DIY one.

8. Tree To Go: We know some of you (like some of us!) live in cities sans car — but rejoice! This year, you can haul one home with the help of your fave ride-share app. Uber’s latest stunt is #UberTREE; for $135, you’ll get a 7-8 ft tree, tree stand and a gift delivered to your doorstep for $135. All you’ll have to do is throw on a tree skirt, string up the lights, spike the eggnog and marvel at your tree’s beauty.

Which tip is most important to you when finding a Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments below.