The future is now, folks, and Barbie is totally ready for it. While other dolls are doing their best to keep up with the times and become more relevant than ever — American Girl’s civil-rights era doll and their first American Boy doll are just a few totally noteworthy examples — Barbie (who recently got her own body-positive makeover) is heading right into the tech-loving future with her very own hologram.

Barbie on shelves

We were given a pretty cool glimpse at the new holographic Barbie at the American International Toy Fair (although, TBH, it was more a video and less of a “live” hologram). Still, with features that are just as useful as they are super cool, this newest Barbie incarnation is certainly worthy of a little buzz.

An interactive character, virtual Barbie can tell you the weather, as well as “do fun dance moves like #dabbing and so much more!!” Innnnnteresting!

You activate the hologram just like you would Amazon’s Alexa with a quick “Hello, Barbie,” and you can also change her outfits, use her as an alarm or night light, or ask her to play music for you.

She’s also apparently able to carry out full conversations, and we can’t WAIT to finally be able to sit down for a girl chat with our fave doll!

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(h/t HelloGiggles, photos via MARK RALSTON/Getty, Barbie)