If you’re like us, you’re at that stage where you’re just starting to buy a few things for your apartment or home that are actual investments. It likely started with your laptop, and maybe a tablet or a nice camera. Now you’re buying even bigger things like a smart TV, a nice couch, and maybe an expensive bike or piece of artwork. However you’re furnishing your place, it’s time to be smart about keeping a record of what you own, and what your belongings are worth. That’s where this smart new app, Homezada, comes in.

Homezada Web Inventory

Yes, you could snap a photo of each thing and develop some elaborate filing system on you computer to organize all those photos and information like serial numbers and how much you paid for each thing, but Homezada does all that for you, with just a few fields to fill out. Plus it stores all that info in their system so if your phone or your computer is damaged, you won’t lose your whole inventory along with it.

HomeZada iPhone App

To start out, fill out a few basics about your home or apartment—what kind of building it is, how many rooms there are, etc. Then go room by room and list any of the major items you own. We’d recommend snapping a few photos as well. Take one of the item as a whole, one of the receipt or warranty if you still have it, and then any photos of damage or things of note. That way you’ll know what condition things are in. Once you’ve created your base inventory, just update it as you buy new things.

Okay, so why do you actually need to do this? Isn’t enough that you’ve bought the stuff? Now you have to keep all of this info about it? There are a few reasons. First, if you’re thinking about moving—and eventually you will be, you’ve just saved yourself hours. Not only will you make sure that all your stuff arrives at your new place, you’ll also know if anything was damaged in the move or not. Second, insurance. We all hope nothing happens to our stuff, but truth is, you can’t be sure. And when it comes to getting money out of your insurance company, fortune favors the well-prepared. If you can tell them the exact worth of everything you have, you’ll be in much better shape when they are cutting the check.

Homezada also has tools to set up home improvement projects or home maintenance reminders, but you can wait to worry about that until you no longer have a landlord.

Download the HomeZada app for iTunes or Android.

How do you keep track of the major purchases in your home? Would you use an app like HomeZada? Tell us in the comments.