For many of us, making a morning coffee run is as much a part of the daily routine as brushing our teeth or putting up with a long commute to work. That sweet, sweet caffeine jolt is the ultimate band-aid for a sleepless night, and there’s practically a whole culture around the delicious drink rotation at coffee hot spots like Starbucks (not to mention the seasonal cups… have you seen the new springtime options?). Here’s the problem, though: When coffee runs become a daily habit, they also become a pretty serious investment in both time and money.

According to a 2016 study by TD Bank, the average American spends $67 per month on coffee (and to-go food) — and millennials typically spend $80 per month! Consider the way that spending is impacting your long-term savings goalsand the amount of time you spend standing on line waiting for your next latte, and it might change the way you prioritize your daily caffeine. A good alternative? Getting creative!

Creative hobbies like playing an instrument or learning a new language have been credited with a wide range of health benefits, plus they’re a great outlet for expressing yourself — and they’re also really fun! Redirecting the time and money you spend each day on caff-ing up can give you a much-needed opportunity to invest back in yourself with some quality creative activities. After all, if you’ve been able to make room in your life for a coffee habit, there’s really no excuse for skipping a creativity habit!

Take the time you would normally spend each morning in line at Starbucks (with some home-brewed joe in hand, if necessary) to read, draw, write, or think up some funky new jewelry. And good news: We’re making it even easier for you to build a creativity habit with the launch of our Brit + Co DIY kits for Target! Any of these 10 fun projects (including a Clay Jewelry Dish, Wood Burned Cutting Board, and more!) would make a better-than-amazing replacement for your coffee run — and the prices will definitely beat your cappuccino addiction too. Plus, each kit comes with a gift card for a FREE online B+C class, so you can pick up another skill like bounce lettering or watercolor painting. Kick that caffeine habit, and kick your creativity into gear instead!


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