Your friends are getting hitched! But if you’re a boss lady who’s busy, busy, there’s no time to get a present for every happy couple on your list. Cue cash in a card. It’s the perfect way to save you time and give the newlyweds a little honeymoon spending money. Not sure how much to give? To answer that question once and for all, we turned to an end-all guide from the experts at Tendr, the online money-giving and registry platform. Keep scrolling to get the full scoop on the results!

The company compiled data on gifts sent through Tendr in 2016 and came up with averages for each month, season, and state. In other words, they covered all the bases to help you figure out how much cash to give.

Vermont came in first as the state with the highest average gift of $245. Rhode Island ($235), Connecticut ($200), and New Jersey ($198) were next in the lineup. Of course, when it comes to seasonal gift giving, you’ll definitely see a spike during the months of June, July, and August (hello, wedding season!). As for the national average, $160 seems to hit the mark.

Now that you know exactly how much to give, it’s time to start planning your next non-wedding travel with all that money and time you saved. Happy gifting!

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