When you get an invite to a friend鈥檚 nuptials, you know you鈥檝e gotta go. But sending the RSVP 鈥 sans a plus one 鈥 is still a little painful. You鈥檙e obvs going to rock a celeb-approved wedding guest outfit, but you鈥檙e getting a tad nervous about attending solo. Good news! We chatted with Wedding Paper Divas Style and Etiquette Expert, Amber Harrison, who shared her trusty tips. Check out her methods for surviving wedding season when you鈥檙e single.

Amber Harrison_Wedding Paper Divas

1. Don鈥檛 panic. You pluck the invite to your childhood bestie鈥檚 wedding from the mail and notice that your name isn鈥檛 followed by 鈥渁nd guest.鈥 Don鈥檛 freak! This is not a reason to decline. Weddings are a great way to make new friends, and it鈥檚 totally possible to have fun flying solo. Harrison reminds us that it鈥檚 important to support your friend on her big day, since there鈥檚 definitely a reason you were included on the guest list.

2. Look fierce. It鈥檚 time to get your glam on. When you feel confident, it鈥檚 A LOT easier to approach situations with confidence. Go into the wedding feeling like your hautest self, and you鈥檙e bound to enjoy the day a million times more. Plus, you never know what other singles may be in attendance!

3.Avoid being glued to your phone. It鈥檚 tempting to bury yourself in endless Insta scrolling when you feel uncomfortable 鈥 or trapped in a crowd of strangers. But to make the most of a situation, you should really unplug. Consider going all-in and ditching your cell in the car. It鈥檒l make you much more approachable and open you up for a solid convo with new friends.

4.Make friends with your tablemates. It鈥檚 likely that at least a few of the people at your table are feeling as awkward as you are (if not more so!). Take on the role of icebreaker extraordinaire and think through some basic convo topics ahead of time. It could be anything from how you know the bride and groom to fave moments with the newlyweds and funniest wedding stories. When there鈥檚 a lull in the chat, you鈥檒l be prepared.

5. Explore. If you have to travel for a wedding, treat it like a mini-vacay. See the sites, try new restaurants, read a book outside, and snap some great pics with your selfie stick.

6.Dance in group numbers. As lame as it might sound, get yourself onto the dance floor for group hustles, like 鈥淭he Cupid Shuffle鈥 and 鈥淐otton Eye Joe.鈥 This will get you moving and interacting with others, without the awkwardness of trying to get your groove on with strangers. Once you鈥檙e out there, you鈥檒l have some dance floor camaraderie that will keep you jiving all night long.

7.Have fun. You are here to celebrate love and the blossoming future of someone you care about, so go ahead and let loose. You are never as awkward as you feel, so have fun and don鈥檛 take yourself too seriously.

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