Iced, hot, DIY or blended, we’re proud coffee lovers. Let’s be real — nothing goes better with a donut or a good weekend read than a big cup o’ coffee, right? Of course, feeding the caffeine monster often comes at a price — literally. Whether you’re a Starbucks veteran or just a newbie, follow these little insider hacks to help you get the most out of your next AM sip (or just save you some extra cash).


1. Sharing Is Caring: Craving a Frapp? Grab a friend! Splitting a Venti (24 oz.) Frappuccino into two Talls (12 oz.) yields the exact same amount of caffeinated goodness, but costs about $4, where as a Venti by itself costs about $6. (via There Will Be Snacks)

2. Tea Tricks: Hot Chai Tea Lattes are made with water to even out the flavor. However, if you enjoy cinnamon or chai flavors, ask for your drink sans H20 to bring out the flavor. Soy milk is also a good, flavorful sub. (via Josh Whittington)

3. Chill Out: If you’re craving a cold drink, ALWAYS ask for light ice. Obviously, ice takes up prime real estate in your cup, leaving less room for the good stuff. (via MNN)

4. Caffeine Express(o): Need a shot of energy (i.e. espresso)? Ignore the menu board options. Americanos are just slightly more expensive than a cup of brewed coffee, but contain more caffeine since they’re made up of espresso and hot water. Craving an extra shot? Ask for a Grande Americano in a Tall cup, instead of asking for an extra shot, and you’ll save 50 cents. (via Food Network)


5. Coffee Dupe: Maybe you’re not a huge Starbucks fan and you’d rather be waiting in line at Blue Bottle or Stumptown. Your best bet at Starbucks? Order a short cappuccino. It’s the closest thing to a regular double-shot cappuccino. (via TODAY)

6. French Girl Brew: When going brewed, make sure to ask for a pour over of the bold coffee. It may take a bit longer to make, but it’s fresher and costs the same amount of money. Of course, if you and your posse are all ordering a cup of brewed tastiness, ask for a French Press. It’s around $4 and you can pick whichever blend ya’ll like. (via There Will Be Snacks)

7. Skip the H2O: It may sound odd, but if you’re ordering an iced tea, ask for no water. Starbucks has a pre-made concentrated mixture they usually dilute by 50%. Meaning, if you ask for no water, you actually get twice as much tea, which you can then keep as is or dilute to your liking. (via PopSugar)

8. No Burn, Please: Maybe it’s a veteran’s trick, but there are definitely different temperatures used to make your favorite drink. The next time you’re at the counter ordering a seasonal latte, make sure to ask for the “kid’s temperature,” so your drink is 135 degrees. Not only does this help avoid any unpleasant, post-sip tongue-burning situations, but it can also help prevent any newbie baristas from accidentally burning your coffee. (via So Wonderful So Marvelous)

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