Between work, playdates, diaper changes, breastfeeding, doctor’s appointments, and everything else you’ve got going on, you may have forgotten one VERY important thing — connecting with your S.O. Oh, you talk to your other half. That’s for sure. But it’s allll about the baby. It’s okay — you aren’t the first mama to forget what grown-up communication feels like. Check out these tips for ditching the baby talk and connecting with your S.O. like actual grown ups.

1. Set a timer. Seriously. An egg timer, your cell’s timer, an alarm — anything that can give you a minimum of five uninterrupted minutes. Set a rule that, during that designated time, there is absolutely, positively no baby, toddler, or kid talk. You might be surprised at how refreshing it is!

2. Keep up on car talk. You have 15 glorious minutes on the way to the grocery store. The baby is safely strapped into her car seat in the back and it’s just you and your spouse in the front. Turn off “The Wheels on the Bus,” let your little one rest, and have a real adult conversation as you drive.

3. Work out together. You squeeze in 45 minutes of gym time after work, and so does your S.O. Instead of working out separately, start training together. Whether your little one is still at day care or the gym has a drop-off child care service, this is together time that many couples miss out on. Not only are you doing something healthy for your body, but you can ditch the “all about the kids” talk and actually communicate with your partner.

4. Take a class together. Part of staying connected is making sure you and bae maintain common interests beyond baby. In 18 years, that “baby” will have flown the coop, and it will just be the two of you. Even if you don’t already have a hobby in common, you can cultivate a new one right now. Sign up for a pottery class, train in a martial art, or take ballroom dance lessons — whatever you do, do it together.

5. Relax “date night” expectations. There’s a major misconception that a night out for new parents means getting dressed up, going somewhere fancy, and splitting a bottle of Pinot. Those are some pretty rad perks of getting a sitter to watch the kiddo, but you don’t need all that fanfare just to talk and spend time as a couple. Forget about wasting time finding the “just right” outfit; those yoga pants will do just fine when you head out to catch a cup of coffee (and a conversation) with your love.

6. Cook a meal. Spending an hour in the kitchen by yourself is pretty much the last thing you want to do after missing your family all day long. Strap baby into her high chair and get to work prepping a meal with your S.O. Not only can the two of you have a few minutes to talk about your days, but your child will grow up knowing what teamwork looks like.

7. Enjoy early morning coffee and conversation. Getting up a half hour early is never fun… unless it’s to spend time with your honey. Make yourselves two cups of coffee, cuddle up on the couch and get in some communication time before your day starts — and before the kids wake up.

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