If you’re dealing with stress, you’ve likely been dabbling in anxiety apps, trying to journal your way to calmness or even sitting down with crayons and adult coloring books. If you haven’t found an awesome way to deal with your stress, it’s time to give meditation a real shot (consistency is *key*). Our lives are busy, and it’s definitely hard to carve out space in your calendar to sit still and just breathe. But you’ll be more likely to make meditation time happen if you have a nice dedicated space to do it. Here are six ideas for setting up a personal meditation space in your home, so you can press pause, breathe deep and say “om” on the regular.

meditation a home candles

1. Pick a quiet spot (or the quietest you can find). This is probably a no-brainer, but it’s not super easy to do, especially if you live in a small apartment or have roommates. You might need to do something really creative to truly get away from it all — like installing your meditation space in your closet — seriously.

2. Curateyour calm. Assuming your meditation spot doesn’t overlook a gorgeous landscape or have a canopy of beautiful leaves for a ceiling, some decorating might be in order. Put up a photo of the ocean or a tranquil forest, or any other place in the world that takes you to a happy place in your head. Set out candles, incense or pillows to complete the zen aesthetic.

3. Bring some of the outside in. A lot of people find that natural elements enhance their meditative experience, so bring some greenery or fresh-cut flowers into the space. A calming jasmine plant or even a water fountain to emulate a babbling creek could really transform the vibe. Alternatively, a spot with natural light or some views of greenery out the windows can be calming.

meditation in bedroom

4. Browse Pinterest for more aesthetic inspo. Pinterest users will never let you down when it comes to DIY home decorating ideas. There are thousands of set-ups pinned on the site if you’re not sure where to start, but remember, the idea isn’t to replicate what worked for someone else. You’re just looking for the right inspo to create a space that’ll speak to you.

5. Keep it clean and uncluttered. You won’t be able to concentrate with dust and debris piling up in your meditation space. Keep the knick-knacks to a minimum, and don’t let a meditation corner become a default drop-off area for clothes or mail.

6. Make it a no-technology zone. Unless you’re using a meditation app to guide your practice, there’s absolutely no reason to have a phone, iPad or computer occupying your mindfulness retreat spot. You don’t want to sit down to meditate and wind up scrolling through Instagram instead. Turn your phone on silent, so that you aren’t interrupted by texts or emails, and it’ll be way easier to get the full benefit of meditation.

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