When you’re feeling it, being single can be pretty awesome. When you’re ready for a relationship, though, going it alone can be hard — especially when your friends aren’t at the same place in their lives as you are. That’s why your friends’ weddings can be pretty bittersweet events. Sure, you’re overwhelmed with happiness for your besties, but for some, all the pomp and circumstance surrounding love can be kind of a downer when you don’t have a plus one to share it with. Use these six tips to be the best wedding guest ever, even when you might not feel like it.

1.Focus on happiness for your friend. If and when you do choose to get married, part of your happiness will derive from the fact that your friends and family are so overjoyed for you. Rather than concentrate on sadness for yourself, direct your emotions toward happiness for your BFF who’s walking down the aisle.

2.Do something for yourself. A wedding can drain a lot of time, energy, and finances, especially if you’re in the bridal party. Standing up with someone on their big day is a huge honor — but remember to take time for yourself. Think about other things you want to do or accomplish, and work on executing that list to help keep your spirits up.

3.Don’t let it affect your dating life. Watching all your friends get married can make you ruminate on finding your lifetime love. And sure, all those weddings will mean meeting plenty of potential suitors. Be sure to take things at your own pace, regardless of where your friends are at in their lives. Rather than force anything or change your dating habits, watch your friends’ new marriages to figure out what you want from your own relationships.

4.Don’t take it out on your friends. Keep in mind that your friends didn’t plan their wedding to upset you. Even if your bestie is a demanding or dramatic bride, make an effort to be patient rather than spiteful.

5.Lean on your friends. Like always, remember that your friends want to be there for you, no matter what their last name is. If you feel comfortable, lean on your friends and talk about where you’re at. Better yet, reach out to friends who are in the same position as you; there’s no better comfort than solidarity.

6.Take a social media break. In the age of wedding hashtags, social media can feel like one big explosion of engagement announcements and wedding pictures. While checking in on your friends is great, a social media detox is a surefire cure for wedding fever.

Above all, your bittersweet feelings about your friends’ weddings are totally valid. It’s okay to feel left out of the fun — but if you focus on positive emotions and achieving other #girlboss life goals, this struggle will be so much more worth it on your big day when all of your friends are there for you.

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