Putting together a gallery wall can seem like a daunting task. But there’s a reason why this trend is here to stay — it’s the perfect way to transform a drab blank wall into a thing of beauty. No, seriously.

After you’ve gathered up your favorite diy wall art and artwork (look for a range of print sizes), it’s time to consider framing. Go with what you have for an eclectic, casual vibe or invest in matching frames for a modern look. Next up, placement. The living room is just one of many spots around your home that can handle a chic gallery wall. Scroll through our style and placement tips below to get started on your own salon wall creation.

1. Rental Solution: Pining after your own gallery setup but worried about damaging your walls? Hang up a series of large white peg boards beforehand. It provides a modern backdrop and means fewer holes to patch up later. (via The Design Files)

2. Create Balance: A pair of three-dimensional pieces — the starburst clock and stag head — bring this small gallery arrangement to life. Plus, they help balance out a minimal trio of rectangular artwork. (via Love Living Chic)

3. Turn a Corner: Don’t be afraid to take your arrangement around the corner; it’s an ideal solution for an unusual layout or if you have limited wall space. Here, a perfectly placed accent chair provides the finishing touch. (via Inside Out)

4. Grid Style: For a super easy and sleek look, hang a collection of related or similar prints in a symmetrical grid. (via A Cup of Jo)

5. Starting Point: When hanging your artwork, begin with the biggest (or boldest) piece and work from there. The eye will be drawn to it first, so that means the surrounding artwork should scatter naturally around it. On this wall, the large black and white photo with a gray frame stands out first, making it a great starting point for the rest of the arrangement. (via Les Confettis)

6. Go Dark: Make a statement with a dark color behind your gallery wall — this lets the framing and the colors in the artwork truly pop. (via Smart Furniture)

7. Geometric Themed: A more orderly gallery wall feels just right for geometric-inspired prints, especially for that organized set of six on the bottom left. (via Bloglovin)

8. Add Greenery: Wall plants add color to a more neutral collection of artwork and curiosities. Showcase your vertical garden or air plant with a hanging wire frame or wall-mounted planter. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Black + White: Frame monochromatic or black and white artwork in a variety of simple, thin frames. Keeping with a theme will help ensure your gallery wall doesn’t feel like a super random compilation of art. (via We Like Daylight)

10. Keep It Close: If you have a lot of frames and artwork, create a cozy, cultivated look with less space between each frame. This looks especially chic continuing above a doorway or around a corner. (via SF Girl By Bay)

11. Streamlined Frames: For a cohesive, sleek design (especially with a bunch of bold artwork), use matching frames throughout. This minimal style feels fresh and light, balancing out the crazy-cool art. (via Bruna’s Closet)

What’s your favorite gallery wall look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!