What could make a batch of star-studded jello shots ten times better? A tuxedo, an Oscar, and a few glitzy dresses in the form of nails, of course.


– Nail Art Brushes (you can use a toothpick if you do not have nail art brushes)

– CVS professional nail polish remover

– Cotton swabs

Nail Polish!

– OPI Spark de Triomphe (silver sparkle)

– OPI Alpine Snow (white)

– OPI Liquid Leather (black)

– OPI Ooh La La Peach (nude)

– Creative Nail Design Raspberry Sparkle (nude top coat)

– Creative Nail Design Dance USA (red)

– Creative Nail Design Speed Dry Top Coat

First, paint the base coat each nail twice. We painted three nails on each finger with one coat of the Ooh La La peach nails and one coat coat of the raspberry sparkle. For the remaining nails (your stars!) paint one on each hand white (Alpine Snow), and one on each hand red (Dance USA).

For the tuxedo nail, begin by applying a black (Liquid Leather) dot with your brush or toothpick.

Then using the same dotting technique, outline a triangle coming off the dot on both sides to create your bow tie. Dot the buttons, and then paint the tip of your tuxedo nail black to polish off the look. (That’s right, polish off the look!)

Now, the guest of honor: Oscar. Begin by making a skinny triangle starting at the top of your nail and drawing into the center. Then draw the arms and add a dot for the head. In this case, Oscar is essentially a fancy stick figure. ;)

Next, it’s time to add the dazzle to your nude nails. These nails are meant to reflect the glitz, glamour, and revealing styles on the red carpet. Paint vertical lines alternating long and short (almost like a ruler) on each nail tip. Repeat until you have a texture you like.

Top the whole thing off with your speed dry top coat, and you’re ready for a night with the stars.

And the award goes to… your nails! (We couldn’t resist.) P.S. Yes, we modeled these nails on a gigantic Jambox.