Take it from someone who knows: Growing out a pixie cut can be excruciatingly painful. If you’ve done it before or are stuck in the awkward stage, then you know what I’m talking about. From the mullet phase to the insecure Bieber stage and everything in between, it will take all of your might to stay away from the scissors and let it grow. We feel your pain, which is why we’re sharing these styling tips and tricks for showing off your pixie cut at every stage.

Styling Tips


1. Be Playful: If you’re on the path towards growing out your pixie, sleek and chic is not where it’s at. You’ve got to embrace texture and get a little edgy. Hide imperfections by arming yourself with dry shampoo, hair powder and texturizing pomade. Don’t be afraid to get messy. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)

The Puffy Pixie Stage

2. The Puffy Stage: Welcome to your most difficult stage, when the chic pixie is history and you’re left with an in-between work in progress. If you’ve ever wanted to rock a mohawk, here is your chance to make that happen. (via Hello Quarterlife Crisis)

3. Tapered Cut: No one said growing out your hair was going to be easy, but with a little styling, you can keep your look on point. Beauty YouTuber BeautyCutright shares her awesome way to grow hair longer naturally with a tapered cut. Thank goodness. (via BeautyCutright)

Bieber Look

4. The Beiber: There are two ways to remedy a bit of the Bieber blues Go asymmetrical or put a bow on it to class it up — or both! (via I Hate Sweatpants)

Fresh Styling Options

5. The Mad Scientist: When growing out a pixie, you have the freedom to try anything out. We’re loving this lavender hair dye, a trendy style that this blogger dubbed “The Mad Scientist.” (via Leah Winehouse)

Trim The Mullet

6. The Mullet: Unless you’re the likes of Rihanna or Joan Jett, the mullet is a tough look to pull off. Divert the business in front, party in back style and trim it. If you remember one thing about growing out a pixie, let it be this: Let the sides grow and only trim the back. (via Maybe Matilda)

7. SemiMini Twists: If you’ve got some time on your hands and you’ve got natural hair, The Natural Sistas has a look that will hide your growing phase for at least three whole weeks. It’ll make rolling out of bed and getting ready so much faster. (via The Natural Sistas)

The Shag

8. The Shag: This gal has grown out her pixie not once, not twice but thrice! She suggests letting the layers on top grow out and only trimming the back, which will make your life easier when you transition to the bob stage. She also recommends adding volume to the top layers to avoid frumpy and flat hair. (via XO Vain)


9. The Shaggy Bob: Hello, goal crusher! You’ve conquered the awkwardness of growing out a pixie and made it to the bob stage. Style your new shaggy bob and let’s see how long it takes before you chop it all off again. (via Free People)

Styling Products

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

10. Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo ($7): You remember being told that caffeine stunts your growth? Well this doesn’t hold true for hair. In fact, it actually stimulates hair growth, making this a great pick for lengthening those tresses.

Bed Head

11. Hair-Care Regime: Dirty Looks advises pixie growers to show a little TLC to their tresses and refrain from washing everyday. They also encourage you to treat conditioner like your new BFF, like Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Conditioner ($16) to maintain healthy locks and combat extra dryness. (via Dirty Looks)

Hair Extenstions

12. Hair Extensions ($150): Here’s the magic elixir to solve all of your hair growth woes. If you just can’t seem to grow out your hair or you have a bad case of split ends, turn to hair extensions to easily lengthen your hair.

Hair Extension Application

13. Hair Extensions Tutorial: You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you? If you decide to make life easier and use hair extensions until you’ve made it to the final stages of pixie growth, turn to the Glamourai to learn how to apply your brand new trick to hair growth. (via The Glamourai)

Have you ever grown out a pixie cut before? Spill your highs and lows in the comments below.