Whether it’s a short blunt cut, asymmetrical or modeled after Beyoncé, chances are that at this very moment, your hair is cut into a bob. How’d we guess? Not only is the cropped cut currently the most worn celebrity hairstyle (and if you’re like us, they’re your number one source for hair inspo), but it’s also one of the easiest ways to refresh a longer style that for you has just fallen flat. And as you probably know, once it’s nipped to graze your shoulders and fall at your jaw, the bob is beyond easy to style. Don’t just take it from us — check out these 11 celeb-approved ways to switch up your bob.

1. Messy Curls: It mayyy seem a little funny, but in order to get perfectly undone curls, you have to actually set them perfectly. Roll ‘em up, pin ‘em, then get ready to shake the bounce out till they’re loose and tousled just like Karlie’s.

2. Rocker Pomp: Julianne Hough’s updo strikes the perfect balance between soft and romantic, yet still so edgy. The key to this look is texture — curl and back comb that pomp, and be sure to twist back both the top and bottom sections of your strands.

3. Soft Waves: These kinked waves *might* be our favorite way to style the bob — it’s just as effortless as it is polished and it’s pretty easy to get the Kristen Bell-approved look. Once you’ve combed out your waves, finish with a sea salt spray to keep it perfectly piecey.

4. Tight Curls: Girls with naturally curly hair, this is how you rock a bob. Push your power curls to the next level like Kerry by defining your ringlets with a curling iron.

5. Up and Away: Just-so smoothed roots help give shape to ScarJo’s messy bob. Style your short locks up and away for a more formal take on the mussed-up look.

6. Twisted Bun: Six show-stopping twists turn a basic pulled-back bun into a red carpet stunner, courtesy of Nicole Richie. Dry shampoo or a volumizing spray is your bff for this heavy-hold look.

7. Lazy Girl Tuck: There’s absolutely no shame in the lazy girl beauty game, especially when the bob is involved. Pull a Zosia Mamet and simply tuck the front section of hair behind your ear to switch up your part — done and out the door in one minute flat.

8. Pin Straight: When you’re straightening your bob paper thin, go with the glow like Rose Byrne and give those locks some love with a shine serum ($13) that will tame flyaways + leave your strands super silky.

9. Bombshell Blowout: Short hair ≠ flat hair — Julianne Hough can school you on that much (for the second time on this list, too!). A blowout doesn’t just add height, it adds a bombshell polish, too.

10. Half Up Half Down: While thin French braids give Diane Kruger’s up-down ‘do a beachy vibe, it’s that just-curled loose section that brings the drama. It’s an A+ look for rocking a serious statement earring.

11. #WokeUpLikeThis: Kristin Wiig #wins with her hyper textured bob that’s teased to perfection. Add body and bounce with a volumizing foam ($6) so that it keeps its cool throughout the day.

Which look are you Pinning to your “DIY Hairstyles” board right now? Tell us which celeb rocks the bob the best in the comments below.