A haircut is serious business for a kid. And unlike the good ol’ days, you can’t quite put a bowl over your child’s head and hope for the best. We’re sure your little one is full of opinions about what looks are cool enough for the playground, but their cuts also have to be mommy approved. From long locks to clean shaven, here are 9 stylish cuts that the whole family will love.


1. Layered Curls: If your kiddo has curls for days, a few well-placed cuts can introduce layers to lighten her hair load (and tangle woes). Keeping her hair dry during her haircut can be extra helpful in determining the layers and shape of her cut. (via Inner Circle Photography)


2. Medium waves: If your mini-me is reluctant to give up her long hair, this cut, featured on actress Bailee Madison, is a good compromise. Mix in some long layers, and she won’t even miss her lengthy locks. (Photo via Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty)


3. Bob: From Jessica Alba to Emma Stone, some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous leading ladies have rocked this cut. It’s easy to grow out, so you can save a few trips to the salon. (Photo via In Bleu Photography)


4. Blunt bangs: Get edgy! Admittedly, this type of bang cut is a bit more high maintenance, but the payoff is so gorgeous. You’ll need to trim them every few weeks, but once your kid gets tired of the look, you can always style them into side swept bangs. Now that’s a twofer we like. (Photo via ukburberry)


5. Pixie: This cut only needs one word to describe it: iconic. Not only will you save money on shampoo, but there are tons of fun ways to style a pixie cut. (Photo via Fresh Sugar Blog)


6. Spikes: Now on to the boys. If your little guy likes to keep his locks long, battle bedhead with soft spikes. He’ll be the coolest kid on the playground. (Photo via Little Peanut Magazine)


7. Mohawk: Even if he doesn’t have long locks, he can still sport this rocker-chic look by keeping his hair long on top. (Photo via Chichi, Romeo and Me)


8. Short Cut: Romeo Beckham is just too suave for his own good. This cut is short enough to keep mom happy and long enough for some versatile looks. Plus, if Victoria Beckham approves, so should you. (Photo via Burberry)


9. Undercut: We can’t argue with this cool cut. Think of it like a (nicer looking) mullet — business on the sides, party in the front. (Photo via Groovy Baby and Mama)

Which one of these looks do you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!