Regretting going for that fall chop or just in need of something new for a big occasion? If you want a little extra somethin’ somethin’ boosting your braids for your Big Day, or just any big day, then why not add some sneaky faux hair to your ‘do? Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to short or limp hair and, if done well, can look completely natural. We’ve got 15 tips and tricks for keeping your extensions looking natural and gorgeous for as long as possible.

1. The Phony Pony: Sometimes you just want that long flowing ponytail. Try a clip-in ponytail for a full-bodied look and hide the extensions by wrapping your own hair around the base of the pony. (via Pop Sugar)

2. Unnatural Colors: Instead of bleaching your hair to death, go with clip-in extensions to get that perfect shade of pink or purple. (via The Clever Clothier)

3. Clip In Bangs: We’ve all had those crazy urges to try bangs, and then two weeks later, we are complaining that they can’t grow out fast enough. Save yourself that awkward in-between stage and go with some clip-in bangs that easily disappear when you’re tired of the look. (via Daily Makeover)

4. Tease Up a Storm: To keep your clip-ins from sliding out halfway through your night, you’ll want to rough up your roots a bit. Teasing right above the clip also helps hide it and make all your hair look natural. (via Jane Hahaeva)

5. Experiment With Wigs: Not just for Halloween, wigs can be a great way to try new hairstyles without committing to anything permanent. Viola Davis first started wearing wigs when she suffered from stress-related hair loss, and she still wears on occasion and for filming. (via The YBF)

6. Go Upside Down: Extensions are a great way to get volume, not just length. If you’re using extensions to get a more lofty updo, then you’ll want to put in your extensions upside down to make sure the hair is all going in the right direction. (via Elle)

7. Get it Damp: If you are trying to curl your extensions, make sure you get the hair damp before you put it into rollers. Starting with damp hair will help cut back on the plastic shine and helps the extensions blend more naturally into your own curls. (via Cara Loren)

8. Braids for Days: Go for synthetic styles of Marley twists, box braids and Senegalese twists with extensions for super easy upkeep. When the weather gets colder and you’re wearing a lot of hats and scarves, these braid extensions keep everything looking sleek and tidy. (via Pop Sugar)

9. Make Them Match: If you’re using synthetic extensions, try adding a shine serum to your natural hair to give it that extra sheen and help it match the silky look of the fake hair. (via Expresso)

10. The Perfect Bun: Not all of us have enough hair to fill out the perfect bun, so adding a few extensions can take your topknot to new heights. (via Pop Sugar)

11. Protect at the Gym: Just because you have hair extensions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an intense workout! Keep your hair up in a bun or ponytail and use a headband to keep hair from slipping and frizzing. (via Etsy)

12. Subtly Layered: You can let your hair grow for years and never have it look as good as Lea Michele. Her secret is clip-in extensions layered to create a natural look. (via Lea Michele Web)

13. Sleep Gently: If you have woven extensions, you’ll want to make them look good for as long as possible. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can really help cut back on frizz and keep them looking natural. Also avoid sleeping with wet hair to prevent tangles. (via Hot Beauty Health)

14. Visit Your Stylist: The best way to ensure your extensions blend into your own hairstyle is to have them cut. Extensions need some shape to make them look real, otherwise it’s going to be obvious that you have fake pieces. Just take your extensions with you and your stylist will make sure they blend in seamlessly. (via Barefoot Blonde)

15. Consider the Placement: Extensions can get heavy and put stress on your roots, so you have to match your hair’s density. If you have fine hair, opt for extensions of a lighter density and make sure the extensions are placed where the hair is strongest. (via Red Hairstyle)

Have you ever worn hair extensions? Talk to us in the comments below!