We're back with our second post in our series of Facebook Timeline Cover Hacks. How many of you had fun adding Cameron Diaz and Taylor Lautner to your yearbook cover yesterday?

Today's idea relates to cooking, one of our favorite past times – that's right, we're flipping pancakes on Facebook! And, while the overall aesthetic of today's design is simple, our pancake hack does require you to shoot a new profile photo.

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself pretending to toss a pancake on a skillet in front of a white wall. Make sure that you have a significant (like 90-degrees significant) bend in your arm and that you use your left arm. It's also ideal for you to be looking up at the pancake, though feel free to experiment with funny faces. Once you've snapped your pic, use any photo editing tool to crop your photo so that your arm is cut off right after the elbow. Your profile photo is done.

For the cover photo, once again you can choose the easy way or not so easy way. The easy way is to download this image and simply upload it as your cover. If you'd rather play around with the design in Photoshop, feel free to take the not so easy way and download our psd file.

We'd love to see your Facebook Timeline Cover Hacks! Send us a link to your profile or a screenshot of how it turns out by posting in the comments below.