Time for today’s LOL break, Ms. Bride-to-be. College Humor hit the nail on the head when they unveiled this hilariously honest 10-step wedding planning guide. Having just planned a wedding, I can assure you that this video is not at all hyperbolic. This is exactly how it all goes down.

Step 1: Pick a location. Make sure it’s the exact opposite of what your fiancé had in mind. In my case, he wanted an all-inclusive (read: easy) historic music venue. I wanted super challenging urban warehouse wedding… and we compromised with super challenging park wedding.

Step 2: Make a guest list. Or better yet, sob uncontrollably when you see your in-laws’ guest list, which alone will be larger than most normal-sized weddings.

Step 3: Set a budget, then f$#@ that budget. No matter how many centerpieces you DIY or mason jars you collect, your low-key backyard affair will somehow still cost exactly the same as having it at the most expensive place in town. It’s like magic. Dark, devious magic.

Step 4: Grow disillusioned with the commercial wedding industry and resist the urge to elope. Oh, you forgot to include $900 worth of speaker rentals on the original estimate? Eff you, DJ.

Step 5: Send out save the dates, not to be confused with invitations… which are different for some reason. I have words for you guys — email save the dates save lives.

Step 6: Fight about things you don’t actually care about. Before and after your engagement, you’ll make fun of all your engaged friends for getting so caught up in stupidity like napkin rings. During your engagement, you’ll consider breaking up with your fiancé over them at least twice.

Step 7: Register for gifts you don’t actually care about. You need those corn on the cob holders.

Step 8: Find an officiant to appease your super religious extended family and your super liberal atheist friends. Or, if you really wanna risk it, ask a friend who’s never performed a ceremony to do it for you. No sweat.

Step 9: Send more fancy litter. Make sure to include litter they can litter back to you, not that they actually will. No matter how bedazzled your RSVP cards might be, a bunch of your cousins will just text you that they’re coming and you will want to punch them in the face with an emoji.

Step 10: Have awkward conversations with friends you couldn’t invite. Eeeeee…

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(Photo: Sonia Savio Photography — check out more of that DIY Wedding here!)