If you’d rather be under the sea swimming around with the fish, you ought to spend the evening as a mermaid this Halloween. In fact, if you and your squad are thinking about group costumes, The Little Mermaid cast would be an excellent pick. You know you have the perfect friend for the role of Sebastian. Don’t we all?


For this mermaid costume, it’s imperative that you get the hair right.


First, use a wand to create waves throughout your hair. Make sure they are nice and smooth.


Add some shells to a headband for your “crown” and attach some tulle to create the look of scales.


Plug your nose and head under the sea in your adorable mermaid costume! You might find Prince Eric down there and then you can turn this into a couple’s costume :)

How would you make a mermaid tail for this costume? Share your ideas in the comments. And as always, send us your photos by using the hashtags #britstagram and #iamcreative.