Katy Perry recently spent time in beautiful Havana, Cuba, and she’s got the Instagram photos to prove it. Take a page or two from Katy’s travel diary and, with our helpful tips, travel like the singer at a fraction of the cost.

1. Shopping in Havana: Calling the city “one of the COOLEST vibes around,” Katy took full advantage of strolling about and shopping in Havana. Take a cue from her book and check out the Centro Cultural Antiguos Almacenes de Deposito de San José, a gorgeous open-air arts and crafts market. It’s a free-enterprise venture where you can haggle your way to goodies like paintings, leather items, woodwork and more.

2. Dressing in Color: Before you head there for what Katy dubbed the The Rainbow Tour, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve packed properly. Whether you’re hoping for lots of time in the sun, to enjoy old Havana or even some nightlife, it’s important to dress the part: color, color, color! Leave the LDB at home and instead go for that sexy little something in your favorite bright hue.

3. Riding in Cars: Renting a classy old-school car in Havana must have cost Katy a pretty penny, but you can surely do the same at half the cost. Before heading to the country, do your research online for the best car rental sites. Havanautos.com and Carrentalcuba.com are just two of many options.

4. Walking Through Art: Just like Katy and her friends at the art park, we love something fun and free to do in any city. Spend a few hours getting lost in Fusterlandia for a truly unique experience.

5. Perusing the Streets: Itching to explore Old Havana just like Katy did when she posed with this cool statue? Opt for a simple walking tour! It’s easy when you book with a company like Urban Adventures or Havana Tour Company, which promise to take you through the historic city without the pomp and circumstance but with plenty of information (and picture taking).

6. Enjoying the Tropicana: Nightlife in Havana starts and ends with beautiful dancing at the Tropicana cabaret club, where Katy enjoyed a night during her travels. But if you can’t quite afford their prices, there are plenty of other places to enjoy music and dancing. Instead, find a bar or club that includes a drink (or two!) with their cover price, and dance the night away.

7. OD on Love: For Katy (who admitted that she OD’d on love the entire time), a school visit was her favorite part. Make love your favorite part by connecting with people. Read tips, talk to the locals, make friends when you travel. You’ll surely feel the love yourself in no time.

Were you inspired to explore Havana, Cuba like Katy Perry? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via @katyperry)