First, there was rainbow hair. Then came galaxy hair. After that, PSL hair took center stage. Now (of course) a new hair trend has emerged that’s serving up intensely vibrant shades of neon, pastel and other vivid hues. Until now, these crazy-colored shades were limited to the pages of coloring books, but this fresh dying method from PRAVANA’s “Hair God” Rickey Zito is totally switching things up.


Hypercolor is defined as color that changes with the introduction of heat. In the case of hypercolor on your hair, your stylist (your very skilled stylist, that is) actually melts the punchy shades into one another so the end result is a seamlessly blended, intricately-melted mix of gorgeous hair colors. The more bright, bold and unique shades you can mix up, the better your final result will look.

If you want to have your stylist replicate this rad look, show him/her the video that Rickey created that details the whole process because the technique is unique. The SparkNotes version of the video is that you should be as imaginative as possible when it comes to what colors you want — go big, or go home should be your motto for a look like this — and be very patient because this isn’t a quick process. And because you’ll want it to last, use a super deep conditioning treatment like Olaplex when you’re done to seal it all in — you don’t want the masterpiece that is your hair fading fast.

Finally — and most importantly — get ready to find lots of excuses to run your fingers through your hair as much as possible because you’re going to want to show off all awesome color mash-ups that make up your new look.

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(featured photo + photo via @PRAVANA; video via PRAVANA YouTube)