Purple hair has been having a moment for QUITE some time now, and we won’t lie: We wish we could pull off that rockin’ look, too. It may not be your personal style to dye your whole head purple, but if you’re lovin’ the look of lavender locks, we found 18 subtle ways to add a little color to your style. With hair chalk, shampoo dye hacks and inventive highlights, you can rock a little color without scaring your grandmother.

1. Magenta Ombre: Since you’re not going wild with all-over color, pick any crazy hue you want for your dip-dyed tips. We’re in love with this super vibrant, hot magenta. Get it, girl. (via Trekflashair)

2. Pastel Blonde: These subtle pastel highlights look perfect with white-blonde hair. The cut adds an even more fashion-forward look. (via Review Modes)

3. Rainbow Ombre: Mix up your classic ombre look with rainbow streaks that no one ever saw coming. Keep your style fresh with surprising pops of color in a favorite (or ever-changing!) seasonal palette. (via The Clever Clothier)

4. Black to Turquoise: So you have black hair? Great. You can have fun with color, too! Turquoise ombre is calling your name. (via Snob Affair)

5. Hair Chalk DIY: Even if you can’t get your hands on hair chalk, you can DIY a temporarily colorful look. Head over to your local craft store for a box of chalk pastels and get to work! (via Brit + Co)

6. Pastel Pink: A subtle pop of color doesn’t always have to mean highlights or ombre. An overall pink glow can be a gorgeously unique alternative, while still being understated. (via Design and DIYs)

7. Orange Dipped Ends: Hey creamsicle lady, let your bright personality show with an orange-dipped hairstyle. This dreamy shade will take your hair to a new level of awesome. (via Stylish Eve)

8. Turquoise Curls: If you’re a lucky lady with a head full of curls, adding a pop of color to a few key ringlets is a perfect way to freshen up your look. (via Hey GorJess)

9. Barely There Hair Chalk: If you already have highlights, punch them up with a little light hair chalk. By following your own highlights (expertly placed by you or your stylist), all the guesswork for applying perfect color is already done for you. (via Brit + Co)

10. Hot Pink Ombre: Punch up your ends with a little hot pink action. When we said “subtle,” we didn’t mean shy. (via Trekflashair)

11. Ribbon Braid: If you’re not ready to commit to hair dye, braiding a ribbon into your ‘do is an easy and fun alternative. Let your boho side shine! (via Glamour)

12. Subtle Purple Ombre: Listen up, brunettes. Finding a purple shade that matches the current tone of your hair is a great way to add a subtle ombre. This muted violet is perfect for someone new to the world of hair color. (via xoVain)

13. Blue Shampoo Hack: To get a wash of a new hue, add a semi-permanent color to some clarifying shampoo. Who knew dying your hair could be as easy as hacking your shower? (via Brit + Co)

14. Burgundy Ombre: Going from a beautiful burgundy to ginger tips is a perfect twist on the ombre look for fall. You might want to go to a salon for this one, though. (via Hairdresser on Fire)

15. Shades of Mint: Feel minty fresh with a mint green wash of color. By mixing turquoise hair color with green and adding it to a little conditioner, you can add mint green to your style, as well. (via xoVain)

16. Pink Highlights: We’re digging Sienna Miller’s beachy waves with pink highlights. The barely-there color looks perfect with the messy ‘do. (via InStyle)

17. Rainbow Braid: With all the colors of hair chalk out there, why not go crazy and use them all? And when you braid all the colors together, you get a look that’s unforgettable — and temporary, so you can mix it up again tomorrow. (via Sweetest Mag)

18. Pink Streak: Sometimes less is more, and with a hot color like this bright pink, the single streak adds drama to a simple braid. Plus, it’s your hair and your style… do what you want! (via Verve Magazine)

How will you be adding a pop of color to your hair this season? Tell us in the comments below!