When you really, really love ice cream, you don’t just keep the sweet treat hidden behind your freezer door. You move the ice cream party from the confines of kitchen to the rest of your pad, and we don’t mean by enjoying a sneaky scoop or two on the couch. The iconic cone comes in the form of super kooky decor, from mirrors to soft serve-inspired lamps, and even an insanely cool bean bag chair — all housewares YOU, the sprinkles-on-top devotee, didn’t know you needed until right now. Don’t fight the craving to sweeten up your home with these 12 crazy ice cream products.

1. Strawberry Cone Bean Bag ($249): And you thought the best way to chill with a cone was by the pool, huh? Though we’ll ask again, why does an ice cream FLOAT *still* not exist!?

2. Ice Cream Mirror ($500): Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the best ice cream flavor of all?

3. All-Over 8 Bit Shower Curtain ($30): We’re LOL-ing over this ode to all things greasy and 8 bit. Ice cream makes two appearances bookended by pixelated ‘za.

4. Ice Cream Door Stopper ($13): Turn the biggest #fail into an everyday #win with this splattered ice cream cone door stop.

5. Popsicle String Lights ($24): These ice cream popsicle string lights might be the coolestparty lights we’ve ever seen. They’re a must-have twinkling over your next DIY ice cream bar.

6. Sundae Morning Pillow ($25): If you wake up craving hot fudge sundaes after hitting the hay on this pillow, your sweet tooth might not be to blame :o

7. Ice Cream Wall Art ($20): Catch the “I scream, you scream” cheer in action with this too cute wall art that would look right at home on a gallery wall.

8. Ice Cream Cone Lamp ($28): If your desk lamp doesn’t add enough flair to your workspace, consider swapping it out for this touch-triggered cone lamp, ’cause why not?

9. Ice Cream Sit-wich Pillow ($30): Ice cream sandwiches DO deserve a big bear hug for all those times they’ve made us smile with chocolate cookie goodness and ice cream filling.

10. Ice Cream Cone Pendant Lights ($77): What happens when you replace a scoop of soft serve with a light bulb? You make ice cream cone pendant lights, of course!

11. Ice Cream Cone Wall Decal ($50): This ice cream wall decal is perfect for your little one’s playroom and could even double as the most adorable DIY height chart ever — this tot is just about two scoops tall!

12. Anthony Peters Flake Cone Print ($10): This tribute to soft serve adds a bright pop of color to any wall, especially when it’s hung with patterned washi tape. Add it to the list of prints foodies will flip for.

What other wacky + wonderful ways have you seen ice cream sneak up in the home decor realm? Does your pad currently have any cone-inspired art or accessories in it? Tell us how you’d outfit your space with quirky decor in the comments below.