Heads up, fashion industry: Ify Ufele is taking over. The 10-year-old from Queens recently debuted her line at New York Fashion Week, making her the only child on hand designing for plus-size models. Ify got her start by hand-sewing clothes for her dolls, but tired of being bullied for her size in school, she eventually channeled her experiences into something more.


Ify hauled out her grandmother’s sewing machine and started on Chubiiline, clothes made for ALL body types, which she describes as “bringing Africa to America, one design at a time.”

It wasn’t long ago that Ify was being bullied and called names. “One time I got stabbed by a pencil,” she tells Today, demonstrating the kind of attitude we could all use a little more of. “I turned negative attention into positive attention.”

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(Photos via @bullychasers)