For a Super-Limited Time, IKEA Will Be Selling Actual Art Prints
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For a Super-Limited Time, IKEA Will Be Selling Actual Art Prints

We’re all about IKEA’s current tropical minimalist perfection and wildly cool countertop hydroponic planters for indoor DIY gardening, and now we’re adoring their newest Art Photography collection, the second in their annual IKEA Art Event series.

IKEA’s website explains that it is “a limited edition collection of 11 posters by 11 contemporary artists from around the world.” Including artists like Mandy Barker, Mathieu César, Bobby Doherty and Bara Prásilová, the artists have captured images from butterfly wings and ribbon-wrapped bread to quirky little creatures and mythical-looking figures.

“What we put on our walls says a lot about who we are,” the press release explains, and we totally agree. “That’s why many of us don’t settle for art that matches our sofa. We also want it to be inspiring or thought-provoking or even mind-boggling – a talking piece as much as eye candy. Great art is what resonates with us and that is in turn deeply personal.”

And IKEA wants to make sure that everyone can get in on the artistic lovin’. “For a few spring weeks IKEA turns into the world’s largest public gallery making it possible for everyone to invest in great art — at an equally great price.” And when they say great price, they mean it. We’re talking $10 per piece. Affordably awesome! But remember, the collection is limited — so be sure to check it out as soon as they pop into US stores the first week of April (starting on April 4, to be exact).

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(photos via IKEA)