IKEA just launched their holiday 2016 collection, and like the recent October drop, it鈥檚 pure vintage聽Scandi. Where last year鈥檚 holiday palette was one of rosy pinks, blues and golds, this year鈥檚 looks to late 19th-century Swedish vintage decor for inspiration. There鈥檚 an emphasis on all that鈥檚 simple and natural, with warm textiles featuring yarn, wool, linen and woven rattan, typical of traditional Scandinavian style.

New pieces come in red or gray color palettes that work well separately or together. But what really stands out is the fairy tale lighting: string lights, fairy lights, glowing stars and soft candlelight.

Swedish Vintage


Vintage is not just about recapturing a look so much as a feeling here. When holiday emphasis is on warm, cozy comforts, we give ourselves permission to not get caught up in the stress of frantic shopping and holiday hosting duties, but to relax and enjoy the unexpected.


So what if baking mess takes over the kitchen and your table is set with mismatched鈥 well, everything. With the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the house, you鈥檒l be more than content to spend this time with family and friends.


Unexpected holiday guests? They won鈥檛 be expecting hotel accommodations. That holiday bedding you scored will provide every needed comfort. Everyone鈥檚 sure to sleep soundly on sofas and pull out cots after all the hours spent talking and laughing into the night.



No room for a tree? You won鈥檛 even miss it when sparkling ornaments strung along walls or streaming down from pendants are just as festive and fairy lights and candles work their magic.


So go ahead and move the furniture, hang some decorations and clear some floor space. All you really need for a memorable holiday season is great food and drinks shared with family and friends in comfort, against a backdrop of soft glowing lights.


For a peek at the full holiday collection, head over to IKEA鈥檚 website 鈥 or make a whole day of it and visit the giant blue and yellow warehouse nearest you.

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(Photos via IKEA)