From the bra that tweets about breast cancer awareness to the Smart Bra that detects early signs of breast cancer, brassieres have been making interesting technological advancements in the past couple years. Now it looks like Victoria’s Secret, the queen of undergarments, is hopping onto the underwear tech train with a sports bra that can track your heart rate.

The sports bra, Incredible, is great for tracking your heart rate during high-intensity workouts. The bra has electrodes inside that attach to a heart-rate monitor — which, by the way, is not included. The other end of the electrodes should be pressed firmly against your skin to ensure accurate results.

With great fitness trackers like the Jawbone UP and the FitBit Surge, the Incredible ($75) sports bra might have some thinking that it’s not exactly, well… incredible. Still, it does come with all the Victoria’s Secret benefits like super soft fabric for comfort, breathable padding and fabric that keeps you cool and dry. And sure, you need to purchase a separate heart rate monitor, but at least you won’t have to remember to strap it onto your wrist like most wearables. Overall, we’re pretty pleased to see VS taking their stab at techy wearables.

Where would you wear your Incredible sports bra? Kickboxing? Hot yoga? Tell us in the comments!