What exactly does it take to earn a pair of Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings? A confidence on the level of Tyra’s, an eyes-only-on-me kind of stare à la Gisele and curves that rival Heidi’s. Then of course, there’s the bombshell bod, that runway-via-beach-volleyball physique that’s more than just model skinny: It’s healthy and toned. Prepping for the audition of a lifetime means around-the-clock training, no matter how genetically #blessed these basically perfect human beings might be. Yep, we’re talking Victoria’s Secret model boot camp.

Of course, the group of aspiring Angles aren’t sweating it out in any old gym. They’re getting foxy-fit oceanside in Tulum, Mexico with renown trainer + pro boxer Michael Olajide Jr. In behind-the-scenes photos seen on well+GOOD, you get a sneak peak at the models in action during their five-hour-a-day training with Olajide, whose exercises famously whipped Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima into runway-ready shape just eight weeks after she gave birth.

While boxing is at the core of these high-intensity workouts, routines are interspersed with sculpting moves, cardio and yoga to achieve that wings-worthy bod. When they’re not crunching those cutting board abs, models are soaking up the tropical paradise by hydrating with fresh coconut water, fueling up with local fish, chicken, fruits and veggies, and of course, chilling in the crystal-clear ocean. If working out could always be this glamorous…

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(h/t + photos well+GOOD)