Would your kiddo rather eat the dirt sundae they just poured in the yard than anything that you put on the table? Before you concede the battle over your little one’s culinary callousness, flip mealtime on its head by getting crafty in the kitchen! Turn veggies into funny faces, cut fruit into an Impressionist landscape, or transform mac and cheese into a head full of bouncy curls for a food portrait of your kiddo. Whether you fancy yourself an artsy mama or your creativity is on low, there are plenty of options from impressive to accessible for arranging healthy and tasty food into pint-sized pictures. Check out the awesomeness of these Instagram accounts for some pure foodie art inspiration.

1. @kidseatincolor: Created by a mom who also happens to be a dietitian, this IG account features adorable bento boxes that are packed with nutritious goodies. You’ll get colorfully creative ideas that may help your kiddo eat the healthy meals that you’d prefer to prep.

2. @saltyseattle: No plain pasta here. This Instagrammer turns noodles into a rad rainbow that will make you smile.

3. @hellowonderful_co: This IG account isn’t 100 percent about food, but their Spring Flower Pancakes are culinary cuteness at its best. And, bonus, browsing Hello Wonderful’s pics will provide you with plenty of art activities and creative ideas to try out with the littles.

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I created this fun & tasty snack plate for @babblemakes in honour of World Art Day (which was yesterday!) 🌎❤️🎨 - Art, in every form, is so important to have in our lives and for a child’s development, I believe it is completely necessary! Doing arts & crafts specifically, helps a child develop their fine motor skills, encourages them to express themselves, has been shown to have direct correlation to academic achievement and builds confidence, amongst many other positive reasons. I’m no expert, but I did start a weekly arts & crafts group for preschoolers a year ago. ✂️🖍 And all I can say is, the absolute BEST part is seeing their smiling faces after they’ve created something. They feel good and are sooo proud of themselves 😍 Perhaps that’s the best benefit of all! So pull out those crayons, scissors, glue & paint and get creating with those little ones! Even if it means making a mess 😉 because it’s so worth it! ✨ - Pancakes, pears, mango, strawberry, orange, kiwi, banana, grapes, Greek yogurt, breadstick, Nutella and oat biscuits @littledishuk 😋 . . . . . #colorfulfood #toddlerfood #kidfood #playwithyourfood #makefoodfun #funfood #yummy #pancakes #breakfast #pancakeart #ohlittlesthands #kidsbreakfast #cutefood #foodartist #happykids #funmeals #kidapproved #whatifeedmykid #rainbowfood #littlefoodie #familyfriendly #craftymama #makingmealsfun #craftykids #creativekids #worldartday #artisimportant

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4. @mamamakespancakes: Yes she does! Mama of two Jordana makes pancakes — and these lovely little creations go so far above and beyond those plain ol’ circles that you’re used to.

5. @taste_the_health: SpongeBob, Fred and Wilma, Mickey and Minnie, and so much more — this Instagramming food artist crafts completely magical creations that are awesomely edible.

6. @year_of_the_sandwich: This Instagrammer’s portraits are not only picture-perfect but also absolutely edible. While these amazingly detailed works of art certainly aren’t easy to replicate, they provide a range of ideas when it comes to creating with food.

7. @white.blank.space: This mommy creates beautiful bento boxes that look more like works of art than lunch. From color coordination to arranging textures, these pics provide artsy inspiration that even the novice chef can aspire to.

8. @eatwandergo: This account includes apples that look like roses, exotic fruits in artful arrangements, and so much more. Sometimes your kiddo doesn’t need funny faces or cartoon characters in their food: If they respond best to colors, shapes, and patterns, these culinary creations are it!

9. @jacobs­_food_diaries: Of course, some kiddos are all about cartoon cuteness. And this account has plenty of that, plus so much more. Piglet beetroot pancakes, a crumbed tofu spelt burger Goofy, and a Stitch berry pie are just a few of the amazingly artistic works you’ll discover here.

10. @_thebentobear: If you’re looking for adorable edible animals, you’ve found them! But the completely cute creatures and critters are only part of these super-sweet food art posts: From fish to a farm house, this Instagrammer steps up the foodie fabulousness.

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