There are some things that immediately bring you back to childhood, and a steaming hot bowl of macaroni and cheese is one of them. Nothing beats winter’s chill like some homemade mac ‘n’ cheese (especially after a day of sledding), but as the weather gets warmer, we start to crave a little more freshness in our meals. Get the best of both worlds with these 15 veggie-filled macaroni and cheese recipes perfect for spring dining.

1. Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese With Broccoli: Put a grown-up twist on your mac and cheese by adding some tangy goat cheese to the mix. Throw in some roasted broccoli to add a sweet earthiness to the dish. (via The Wooden Skillet)

2. Kale and Cauliflower Mac and Cheese: It’s double the veggie trouble in this mac and cheese recipe. Kale brings some color to the dish, while cauliflower adds extra nutrients and fiber. (via Modern Little Victories)

3. Vegan Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese: It sounds too good to be true, but you can make a very creamy vegan “cheese” sauce out of vegetables. Butternut squash, potatoes, and cauliflower are blended with cashews and other flavorful ingredients to create a heathy version of the comfort-food classic. (via Delicious Everyday)

4. Turkey, Bacon, and Brussels Sprouts Mac and Cheese: Turn mac and cheese from an indulgent side into a full meal with the addition of extra protein and veggies. Turkey, bacon, and Brussels sprouts make this dish an easy meal-in-one. (via Scrummy Lane)

5. Prosciutto and Asparagus Orecchiette: Prosciutto, asparagus, and orecchiette combine in the fanciest mac and cheese ever. Each bite is bathed in a creamy Parmesan wine sauce — you’ll want to lick the plate. (via The Baking Fairy)

6. Baked Mac and Cheese With Tomatoes: Sweet and tangy tomatoes bring this dish to the next level. It helps balance out the richness of the cheese sauce, so your palate never gets bored. (via The Country Contessa)

7. Green Mac and Cheese: Kids will love that this mac and cheese is green, and adults will heart the flavor. It’s made with sharp cheddar cheese, which adds some piquant flavor to the spinach, peas, and broad beans that are stirred into the pasta. (via Raising Sugar Free Kids)

8. Veggie Mac and Cheese Muffins: Mac and cheese muffins are so fun to eat you won’t even realize they’re full of good-for-you vegetables. Pureed veggies are added right to the cheese mixture, melding seamlessly with the other flavors. (via Family Food on the Table)

9. Mexican Street Corn Mac and Cheese: Sweet and savory is always the best combination, and this recipe has got it big time. Tangy cheddar cheese sauce adds the savory, then is boosted by sweet corn on the cob doused in mayo, cheese, and chili powder, for a pasta dish that’ll leave you more than satisfied. (via Zen & Spice)

10. Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese: Sweet potato steps in to make this mac and cheese healthier than usual. That means you can add bacon for a smokey flavor that really makes the dish sing. (via Kidgredients)

11. Roasted Cauliflower Shells and Cheese: Shells are one of the best pasta shapes because each little hollow scoops up plenty of cheesy sauce (in this case, made from fontina). Roasted cauliflower adds texture and a nice depth of flavor to round out the meal. (via How Sweet Eats)

12. Spicy Roasted Veggie Mac and Cheese: Sometimes rich dishes need a kick of spice to achieve the right balance. Cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper add heat to this dish, and a heap of roasted veggies makes it a complete meal. (via The Comfort of Cooking)

13. Vegan Spicy Broccoli Mac and Cheese: Vegan mac and cheese is surprisingly easy to make, thanks to creamy cashews and “cheesy” nutritional yeast. Stir in some spicy roasted broccoli and mushrooms for a dinner that the whole family will enjoy. (via Two Raspberries)

14. One Dish Corn Mac and Cheese: If you like cheesy corn casserole, you’ll love this pasta dish. The addition of macaroni turns it from a side dish into an entree. (via Sugar and Soul)

15. Veggie Mac and Cheese: Adding your favorite roasted veggies to mac and cheese is the perfect way to turn it into a healthy meal. Zucchini, summer squash, broccoli, and peas star in this recipe, but you can use anything that you like. (via Lil’ Luna)

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