There are enough iPhone cases in the world to warrant their own blog, but occasionally a manufacturer breaks out of the rectangular box. These funky cases hail from Japan, and are making their US debut this Spring, sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony. Each is crafted from 100 percent soft silicone. Here are a few of our faves:

Sandal iPhone Case ($45): Made to mimic a flip-flop, the straps double as a convenient handle.

Speech Bubble iPhone Case ($45): It's a little tricky to tell on the white background, but this case is shaped exactly like a cartoonish thought bubble. One thing's certain: it'll be nice and easy to find in a packed-full purse.

Skate Deck iPhone Case ($45): This skateboard-shaped case comes complete with wheels! We love how it also makes us think of those spooky scary Pac Man ghosts.

Cracker iPhone Case ($35): Cracker… or case? This one is designed to look like the crispy Saltine crackers you know and love.

Sleepie iPhone Case ($45): This little critter is pretty cute, and we've never seen anything like it. It's oddly-shaped enough to stand out from the rest without being too kooky.

Check out the full collection at Opening Ceremony.