Lately, all anyone has been talking about in terms of Apple products is the iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. With its approaching, nearly-confirmed September 18 release date and a possible leaked image of their rumored pink handset, it’s no wonder everyone has iPhone 6S on the brain.

But in spite of Apple’s extremely ubiquitous handset being the leading smartphone in the world, it’s another product on their roster that takes the prize for being the most private for communication. Wired just released a fascinating article that touts the iPod Touch, which made its stunning but much quieter debut earlier this year, as the most secure Apple product on which to interact with others.


The reason why the iPod Touch trumps the iPhone in communication security is because it operates entirely on Wi-Fi (same for the iPad, technically, but you can’t easily carry around the iPad in your back pocket). There are no cell towers getting pinged when you make a VoIP call — so sorry, NSA, no paper trail for you. Plus, no sim card = no phone records.

We’ve highlighted before the dangers of jailbreaking with the whole Hacking Team hack. If you want to ensure the utmost privacy for communication, it’s best to keep your iPod Touch “locked” as well. The reason Wired states is that thanks to “Apple’s stringent vetting of apps, it is rare to see malicious software, perhaps designed to log texts or steal data, available for download from the official app store.” So, don’t jailbreak your phone and download possibly malicious software.

You can further protect your privacy by downloading certain messaging apps, like the Signal app, that encrypt your messages, as iMessages may not be your safest bet.

Sorry, iPhone, when it comes to privacy, the iPod Touch won’t be playing second fiddle no more.

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(h/t Wired, photos via Apple)