94-year-old Iris Apfel may not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of wearable tech. In fact, her name probably wouldn’t make it into the discussion at all, if not for the fact that she’s just taken on an impressive (if surprising) project.

A fashion icon in every sense of the work, Apfel has never shied away from doing whatever she pleases and if anyone can design a wearable that’s actually stylish, we have major faith it’s her. After all, no one can put together a show-stopping outfit quite like Apfel.

The project comes from WiseWear, a tech company aiming to “create innovative smart accessories that seamlessly blend breakthrough technology with style.” Through their new collaboration with Apfel, they’ll be launching a fashionable Socialite collection, featuring three bracelets.

Ranging in price from $295 to $345, the bracelets will come with a bunch of standard functions – including calendar updates and the ability to track calories – plus one very special feature that Apfel is especially proud of.

The bracelets can send “a discreet text message to your pre-approved list of contacts, notifying them of your exact location” in times of need or danger. “This is not just technology that’s useful for elderly people; there are a lot of young people that can benefit as well,” Apfel told the WiseWear blog. “Something like this can alert those who care about me if I take a flop because falling can be very dangerous, particularly when you get old in age.”

Now, the question is: Do we want palladium, rose gold or gold?

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