We are seriously geeking out over all the cool projects available for funding this month on sites like Kickstarter, IndieGogo and Go Fund Me. From two educational and inspiring documentaries to art helping Native American communities and a dog cafe, there are so many creative things that are on the brink of existing. We’re sharing our favorites and crossing our fingers that they all get funded.

1. Changing the Way We View Amputee Veterans: The Heroes Project is a documentary that follows seven amputee veterans who have the collective goal of climbing the highest mountain on every continent, with each veteran tackling a different summit. Fighting for our country is inspiring enough, but this project is truly extraordinary.

2. The Coolest Network for Women: Imagine having kickass career women like Ariana Huffington, Diane von Furstenburg and Melinda Gates at your disposal for all your career questions. That’s the idea behind the WIE Network. The inventors are creating an online channel where some of today’s most influential leaders can have conversations about issues affecting modern women. It sounds like something we would watch ALL the time.

3. Wireless Charger: This tech device is as chic as it is life-changing. The Ora pod can charge your phone or tablet without using any messy wires. It works by plugging into an outlet and using a little USB port that you connect to your device. Let’s get this baby to the masses.

4. Educating People Abut Dementia: Bread Head is a documentary that not only exposes the hardships of living with dementia, but also investigates neurosurgeons’s efforts to reverse the devastating statistic of a new person being diagnosed with dementia every four seconds.

5. A Chef-Approved Meal in a Box: Chef’d solves that whole “what do I make for dinner” crisis by delivering a recipe and fresh ingredients right to your doorstep. With over 100 recipes from big-name chefs, users would have a healthy and delicious dinner without having to log onto Seamless or waste time at the grocery store.

6. Empowering Photography: I Am More Than My Hair is a photography book that features bald women of all ages, along with their personal stories of inspiration. The project started when the photographer chopped off her own long hair at a Stop Cancer event, donating it to Locks of Love. Her goal is to celebrate girls and women who are bald.

7. An Art Palette for the Modern Artist: The parallelPALETTE is the ultimate painting tool. It’s easy to transport, so you won’t get paint all over your stuff. It also comes with a collapsable stand, so it’s hands-free, and it even holds your paintbrushes and water cup. If you’re the type of artist who likes to carry your tools everywhere, this would be a game changer for you.

8. Authentic Navajo Art: This marketplace for Native American artists is not only providing beautiful pieces for buyers, but is also helping bring economic development and social entrepreneurship to Native American communities. Plus, home decor with a story behind it is exactly what helps turn a house into a home. Everybody wins with this one.

9. The First Dog Cafe: Cat cafes have been getting a lot of love in the press lately, but what about dog lovers? This campaign is trying to get the first dog cafe up and running in Los Angeles. You’d be able to order a cup of coffee and spend a few hours loving on some adorable pooches. What’s even better is that the dogs would be from a local shelter, so they would all be adoptable.

Which project is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.