Paint rollers have taken patterns and paint to a whole new level where you can pick an extremely intricate pattern and then use that roller to create a wallpaper effect. From floor to ceiling, you can use patterned rollers to decorate just about anything. Paint patterns onto fabric for pillows, aprons, tote bags and bunting, or paint it onto paper for pretty gift wrap or drawer liners. The possibilities are endless and the patterns are gorgeous, so check out these 12 projects to start the creative process “rolling.”

1. Painted Pillows: The fun thing about paint rollers is that you can do all different colors, but keep the same pattern. You could do all your decorative throw pillows with a delicate floral pattern but mix and match the colors for a fun look. (via Decoracion de Interiores)

2. Flock Bird Roller ($35): Put a bird on it with this awesome roller! If you want to try making wallpaper out of paint, try drawing faint lines to keep your hand from painting a wavy pattern.

3. Gift Wrap: No matter what the season, you can always use some pieces of pretty gift wrap, and now you can make your own with a pretty paint roller! Just buy some inexpensive brown paper, and you’ll have gorgeous gifts whenever you need them. (via The Painted House)

4. Tapet Pattern ($35): These are floorboards that were painted using a roller! This look would be adorable in a kids’ playroom or even in a shabby chic kitchen.

5. Bubble Wrap Roller: DIY this paint roller for a fun craft the kids can enjoy too. Use it to make fun wrapping paper or art prints! (via She Knows)

6. Twig Pattern ($26): Go for a soft and delicate look by painting this pretty pattern in a nursery or guest bedroom. The nice thing about a smaller pattern is that it will be far less noticeable if you happen to mess up a bit.

7. Pillow Cases: Roll a pattern directly onto inexpensive pillowcases for a perfect print every time. (via The Painted House)

8. Painted Lampshade ($35): If you want to upcycle a lampshade, give it an upgrade with a new painted pattern. Paint rollers are perfect for this project because they’ll give you a nice even paint job in one quick roll.

9. Patterned Bunting: Perfect for decorating a party or a wedding, you could whip out miles of pretty fabric or paper bunting with a patterned paint roller! (via The Painted House)

10. Faux Wood Texture: Remember that terrible wood paneling that was so popular 50 years ago? Well now you can get a trendy update with turquoise wood grain “wallpaper.” (via Country Living)

11. Dresser Makeover: Rather than struggle with stencils or free hand artwork, use a patterned roller to give your dresser a makeover! (via The Painted House)

12. Drab to Fab Drawer: Our friends over at BrightNest came up with a use for the patterned roller — sprucing up boring drawers with pretty paper liner. We don’t know about you, but we’re calling in sick and heading home to start this project stat. (via BrightNest)

What project would you want to paint with a patterned roller? Let us know in the comments below!