July is important for many reasons. It marks our nation’s birthday, the beginning of picnic season and, of course, it’s National Ice Cream and National Hot Dog month! If you are welcoming a little one into your family this month or are just looking for some summer-inspired baby names, these creative monikers are full of sunshine, flowers and ‘Merica. Check out the top 10 names below for your July baby.


Boy Baby Names

1. Taylor: Sure, we love Tay Tay, but our boy Taylor Kinney (born July 15) also has a big place in our celeb-stalking hearts. Naming your wee one after either one would be a-okay.

2. Aiden: In Gaelic this name means “little fire,” making it the perfect name for your summer-born babe.

3. Bay: Not to be confused with the term of endearment “bae,” this classic English name means “auburn-haired,” but it also reminds us of summery days by the sea.

4. Kai: Straight from the shores of Hawaii, this name means “fire.” We think it would be perfect for your fiery little dude.

5. Leo: If your babe is born a Leo, being named for the strong, fierce and passionate sign will be quite fitting.

Girl Baby Names

6. Juliette: Whether you’re a Shakespeare fan or just love this summertime month, Juliette is a beautiful + romantic name for your sweet baby girl.

7. Ruby: This one is a real gem. Plus it’s the birthstone for July. Win-win!

8. America: Celebrate our country’s birth with this unique, patriotic name. Call her ‘Merica for short, or opt for a more traditional nickname like Amy.

9. Darya: Not to be mistaken for our fave ’90s character Daria, this name is taken from Persian royalty and means “princess of the sun.”

10. Lily: Flowers equal summer. Lily is a beaut and also just so happens to be the month’s flower.

What July-inspired name are you loving? Are there any summery names that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!