Who doesn’t love summer? Answer: no one! It’s a lovely time full of sunshine, carefree days and nature. So what better way to celebrate your summer-born bundle of joy (or even your winter-born babe, a la Violet Affleck) than to give him or her a creative baby name that celebrates the season? We’ve already run down geography-inspired and flower-powerbaby names for you. Now go ahead check out these seasonal gems — all pulled from the Social Security Administration’s top baby-name database — that are perfectly suited for sunny summer days.


Summer Boy Baby Names

1. Jared: Little known fact: This name actually means “rose” in Hebrew.

2. Skyler/Skylar/Skye: Pay tribute to summery open skies with this versatile name.

3. Leo: A lovely zodiac-inspired name for July and August babies — or those born any time of the year, really.

4. August/Augustus/Augustine: Mariska Hargitay named her little boy August a few years back, and we’re definitely smitten.

5. River: Whether you’re a River Phoenix fan or simply appreciate a good nature-inspired name, this one evokes feelings of strength and calm.

6. Orion: One of the most recognized constellations, Orion comes from Greek mythology and means “hunter.”

7. Blaze: Fierce and unforgettable, this name connotes a fiery personality.

8. Forrest: This one’s slipped in popularity since Forrest Gump came out in 1994, but the name is so adorable we’re predicting a comeback.

9. Fisher: Perhaps you’ll have a little outdoorsman, but if not, Fisher is still classy and simple.

10. Rowen: Rowen can mean many things: “red-haired,” “a flowering tree with red berries” or “the second harvest of wheat in a season.”

More ideas we love: Sunny or Sonny, Castor and Pollux (the Gemini twins)

Summer Girl Baby Names

1. Lily: This was the 27th most popular girl’s name in 2013, and we see why!

2. Violet: Follow Ben and Jen’s lead with this quirky-cute name.

3. Jasmine: Any Aladdin fans out there? Jasmine is a classic summer scent, so it works on a couple levels :)

4. Brooke: Lake, River or Brooke could work for a girl if you’re looking for a water-themed name.

5. Aurora: Latin for “sunrise,” and the name of the Roman goddess of dawn, this celestial-inspired name connotes new beginnings.

6. Ivy: Hello, Blue Ivy! No wonder the popularity of this plant-based moniker is on the rise.

7. Summer: An obvious choice, but still a classic, this name is perfect for a little lady with a sunny personality.

8. Daisy: The name of this flower comes from an Old English word meaning “day’s eye.” Daisy can also be a pet name for Margaret — how cute is that?

9. June/Juniper: Mary Stuart Masterson’s character in Benny + Joon was named Juniper, a unisex name that comes from the juniper tree. June could be short for Juniper, or an ode to one of the prettiest months of the year.

10. Dahlia: These perennials are the national flower of Mexico and are in the same family as daisies.

More ideas we love: Sage (a la Pink’s little girl, Willow Sage), Rose, Iris, Soleil (means “sun” in French), Sunny or Sonny

What are your favorite summery names? Are any on this list inspiring you to go with a seasonal name for your little one?