Justin Bieber Is Totally Twinning With Eminem
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Justin Bieber Is Totally Twinning With Eminem

Justin Bieber is no slouch when it comes to his looks: His post-show skincare hack totally makes sense, even to us. Perhaps bored of his tiny new face tattoo already, the Biebs decided to spice things up in the appearance department yet again, this time focusing on his ever-changing ‘do. We’ve seen him rock purple rainbow hair, show off (questionable) dreadlocks and do the whole blond thing, but it seems like this time around the 22-year-old has decided to go 1999 Eminem/Slim Shady on us.

The singer debuted his shorn locks back in April (see above), and now, he’s taking things one step further by joining the platinum blonde club (alongside Zac Efron and Rooney Mara, who just unveiled similar looks).

Taking his fresh hair out on the town to play some pool with new BFF and F1 racing great Lewis Hamilton, the resemblance is now uncanny, really: Here’s a throwback for your reference (as if you neeeded one)!

We don’t know about you, but they’re looking prettttty similar to us.

After losing out to 31-year-old Hamilton during their pool session — the guy is a professional athlete after all — Justin and Lewis joined a couple more friends for a helicopter ride — you know, just a casual Saturday night out on the town — before hitting a sports game that we have yet to pin down.

What we can say, based on the above pic, is that this crew had one hell of a time — apparently, Slim Shady-dom agrees with our boy.

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(h/t Refinery29, photos via Jason Merritt and Frederick M. Brown/Getty, @JustinBieber)