Picture this: It’s raining outside, you forgot your umbrella, you just got home from the supermarket with five bags of groceries (because you’re ambitious like that) and, of course, you can’t find your keys. They’re hidden somewhere inside your giant, dark cave of a purse that’s impossible to navigate. Stop spending hours rummaging through your bag. Instead, invest in a Kangaroo Light!

From the makers of the Ostrich Pillow, the Ostrich Pillow Junior and the Ostrich Pillow Light, comes another must-have item to make your life just a little easier. This playful, portable, flexible light is designed to comfortably sit at the bottom of any bag to provide a soft glow and help you locate your belongs without the frustration. But (insert game show music) that’s not all!

This light isn’t just handy for your Mary Poppins-like purse. It’s also great for setting the mood when you’re in need of a relaxing journal entry with a cup of tea.

Or when you kid’s nap is way overdue and a night light is essential.

And just imagine the possibilities when it comes to setting the mood for your bubble bath time, lighting the night when you’re camping and digging through those hard-to-reach crevices in your car.

And who said this “night light” can’t do daytime duty? Battle the fluorescents overhead at your office with the Kangaroo to illuminate your notebook or keyboard at work.

All it needs is a quick charge, which can be done via USB, and it’s ready to light up your life for the next two and a half hours. The makers are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to take Kangaroo to market. Early bird options are gone, but you can still get one for $75. The lights are set to deliver in October… which is right about the time it starts getting dark way too early in the day. Call it fate.

Is that Kangaroo Light what your big boho bag needs? Let us know in the comments below!